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Thursday, January 6, 2011

YoYo Tutorial

YoYo's are a big trend right now in the handmade world but they have been around forever. They were mainly used for quilting but, the current handmade movement is all bout re-purposing and bringing back vintage charm.

I have had great success in selling YoYo hair clips, and my friends loved them when I had them attached to their Christmas gift wrap instead of a bow. They are SUPER easy! So easy in fact that at my last craft show I taught a little girl how to make them. So if she can, you can!

Step 1) cut a fairly large to medium circle from your fabric.
FYI the finished YoYo will be half the size of the original circle so keep that in mind when you are looking for a circle shape to trace.
Step 2) Make a simple running stitch in and out over and over all the way around the circle. You want it to be close to the edge but not so close that the thread rips out. While we are on the topic of thread, the color really doesn't matter since it wont be seen but it must be pretty long and you wont cut it until the end.
Very easy just, in and out, the stitches don't need to look pretty or be the same size, but the smaller the stitches, the more "pleats" you will have.
Step 3) Pull the thread when you have completed the running stitch and you get this little pouch. Cute huh? Pull it tight so there is no hole or opening.
Step 4) Center the gathering with your fingers and pat it flat. Then make a few stitches thru the center to keep it in place. Looking good!
Step 5) Now is the fun part, ACCESSORIZING! Pick a button or something fun like a small silk flower to cover the gathered center. Now obviously sew it in place! and...
Viola! YoYo!
What you do with it now is up to you, hot glue it to a hair clip or shirt pin, make a small one and attach it to a ring blank. So cute and so easy.

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