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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Waist Management back in motion!

As you probably know, the holiday season is now over, no more red velvet cake pops, fudge, or cookies in the shape of...a dinosaur?
He started off as a gingerbread man but had a near fatal accident that left him in need of my superb cookie decorating abilities. You should have seen last year's Shawn White cookie creation, he had skied into a christmas tree and broken his leg.

Well, anyway! The excuse for sugar overkill is expired and I must, must, MUST stop this eating for pleasure business and get down to business, well, get down to a size 8 actually.

2 sizes in 5 months, sounds easy enough right?

I've done it before, total I have lost 40 lbs! Yay me, yes I am bragging but if I don't feel proud about getting in shape somethings wrong.
Before... (shudder)

So tomorrow I will measure and see what damage I did during the Christmas-feast-fest.

I can do this. Now for the motivation, I LOOOVEEE THESE! So vintage and charming! Audrey would be proud.


  1. I am with you on the waist management! We can do it!!!

    I love those dresses. The red halter style is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  2. It took me a while to get the "waist" management part. :( But, you know I'm all in to support you! :)


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