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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mansfield Park

Just watched the 1999 version on Hulu. It was interesting. It was well done, not like most BBC movies. Don't get me wrong I love the BBC, but they just seem to be wanting for film editing equipment. This version had Miss Honey from Matilda in it, which was odd because she plays the arrogant, and deceptive Mary Crawford who is out to ensnare our Edmond! But I was disturbed by a scene they added, which I am sure Jane Austen would never have put into print, about a book of drawings. Tom Jr. is being tended to by Fanny when she finds his sketch book that is full of  renderings of slaves and how they are being treated. The images where horrifying in the midst of a Jane Austen love story. Its real and based on truth but the element was to intense. Fanny's uncle is indisputably a rapists who come to no justice for his heinous act. The rest of the movie was beautiful, even made me cry when I know how it ends, just my thoughts. 

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have one day left at the Anchorage Cafe. Yippy! Sorry Heather. :) Then I get to start job hunting again in Tyler! I would looooove a job at a movie theatre so I can see movies for free. I love movies. Almost as much as crafting, sorry but its true. Having the Hobby Lobby employee discount wouldn't hurt either. But I hate retail most of the time.

Jack Johnson is playing at the cafe and I am supposed to be playing Christmas all the time... HA! I love christmas tunes but we have 5 cd's that play over and over and over....kill me please. 

Gonna go to UT Tyler to finish school I only need 33 more hours and I could be done in a year...HOLLA!! I am an expert at transferring, its sad. 

Right now I am making Christmas present for my best gals and I think they are some of the best crafts I have made, yes they are THAT good! 

Megan and Amber you better tell everyone where you got them. AJSNOW.COM
I love it, I own I am a dot com! So cool. 

Made christmas cookies last night with my baby sis. We decided to bake a sheet of cookies then use the cutter to make snowflakes. They have a better shape that way. SO the extra stuff around the cut outs we called Reindeer antlers. It was very Snow-Family. 

Friday, December 4, 2009


My favorite! Yay! I really wanted to have my etsy FULL of christmas crafts, but work, school, and church leave me no time to do what I had planned but I WILL craft this weekend! I want to make some cards like these:

Paper is THE superior crafting medium! Hi Heather!! My first follower! YAY!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time Management 3003.51

I knew I wouldn't be able to keep a blog updated but I needed to at least claim the name so no other AJSnow would steal it. My idea for a craft blog would be kinda like a journal/how to about my life and the crafts I finish along the way... not happening. Both, no life and not many finished crafts.

Thats thanks to school and work. What else kills big plans better that obligations? School was going better when I didn't have a work schedule to keep up with. I have to remind myself that what I am learning will help me be an indie crafter one day soon. Working at the Anchorage Cafe at Mercy Ships has it's ups and downs but, eh, who want to make spoiled people lattes?? Not I. But, its that or Brooshires so "do you want that hot or iced?".

I have a craft bazzar in November at my aunts work which I am currently crafting for. As a result of all the planning and crafting that goes into preparing for a show, my heart is light and my soul is refreshed! 

Crafting just fits me. No matter if I am re-covering a vintage novel or making "art" with one of the little angels I babysit, everything in my world is a little better because I am making beauty. Not art. No I am not, nor do I want to be, an "artist" but rather, I am a crafter, maker, artisan whatever. 

I craft because I must, because without it I wilt, because I give my soul away in each item therefore sharing God's love and light. So I craft because God wants me to. 

Meg and Am, if you are reading this, and I am sure your the only ones who have checked this out, I love you and am proud that my 2 best friends are living out a dream. Oh I miss you. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fall 2009

I just got back from my advising at Texas Women's University. Housing has no more private rooms available so I'm taking all online classes this semester. I hope to be able to attend a lot of craft shows this semester, I just need to get a part time job that can pay for the booth fees. Man those can pricey. The only thing left now is to get a loan to pay for everything, I'll cry if I can't a loan. Well probly not cry... but ya know.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jonathan Wladen 1991-2009

A family that I grew up with in church is dealing with the death of there son, Jon. He and my brother were best friends and accomplices when they were kids. They were hell raisers! Jon grew up to be a respectful teenager with a dry sense of humor that made you laugh no matter what.

The Walden's moved to a small town here in Texas a few years ago. Jon was very active in his christian school which was also the church he went to. He played guitar for the worship band was very much loved.

Jon's little brother Chris, found him dead Friday (August 7th) morning in the back yard. Chris is 13. He checked for a pulse with no luck and shook his shirt to try and wake him up. Chris also tried to remove the pipe that Jon was gripping.

The police came, and left. They did no forensic investigation. No finger prints, nothing. They spent an hour looking for Jon's cell phone in the shed that Jon usually went to take phone calls. They couldn't find it, however, Bobby (Jon's Dad) walked right in and found it laying in plain sight on the work bench. Hmm.

Annette, Jon's mom, told us his face had been smashed, his neck was crooked and his face was not peaceful.

It was murder. No one can doubt it, Jon was lured out to the shed by some one who knows that's where he goes for privacy from his 3 other siblings. And attacked, he tried to defend himself with a pipe that Bobby says came from the shed where his cell was found.

The police department or whoever has records of the autopsy (which was completed in no more than 2 days) said at first his cause of death was blunt trauma to the head, which was obvious if you saw his face. But later, they said that it wasn't blunt trauma, it had to have been an accident.
Why would they change it?

So then the news reported that police have to evidence to suspect murder...

I just found a report that states, "he died of what seems to be breathing complications".

Breathing complications don't smash in a football players skull. They don't break your neck. They don't hold on to a pipe in order to defend yourself.

The Joshua, TX police department don't want to call this by its name MURDER. That would cause the statistics to change not in their favor. This small town already had issues with Jonathan's family when he was put in juvie. Years ago he and a friend where shooting bb guns and accidentally hit a kid who happened to be the daughter of a cop. Wow did we see the police jump into "zero tolerance" mode then! But when the same boy, now a teenager, is found beat to death in his own yard, its breathing complications.

I am so angry at the lack of professionalism from the authorities. They are just trying to keep their quaint small town as pleasant as can be.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heart, heat and headaches

We found out that my little sister has a heart murmur.  I had to cram down tears all day when mom first told me. I would look at her and literally think "I can't lose her." But she had an echocardiogram and its either nothing to worry about or easily fixed. We still haven't heard from the doctor however. 
I went shopping today in my grandmother's car which has leather seats... big mistake! My back got sooooo hot and I couldn't touch the steering wheel. I HATE SUMMER!!!
School starts soon and I still don't know if I am accepted to Texas Women's University. I am going to be making some calls soon. School has been nothing but a headache. Alan wants to go to TJC also and I tell him all the time now "don't transfer until you have your Associates". 

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It runs in the family

My little brother plays the guitar like a rock god. I have always wanted to be Artemis and I guess it fits since she has a brother Apollo. Alicia = Artemis, Alan = Apollo! Both siblings names start with A's, and...well, thats kinda the only similarity lol. 

He painted one of his many guitars a while back and today he had me list it in my shop. Its a leafless tree, with rolling hills in the background. Its really quite beautiful and I hope someone will buy it from him. 

He is just finishing a custom guitar for a friend. Alan got to learn the joys of custom orders during the same time I was fighting with the 200 custom rings I was working on.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Craft across America

My high school theatre teacher (whom I have know for over 8 years) takes his family on a great summer vacation every year. This year they stayed in CO and met a couple of guys who are biking across America. Of course the two men are now part of the Wisdom family. 

The biker's blog is really too funny. I have spent my Sunday morning reading it and watching videos. I love when people can just plan for something and then go do it! Its kinda what I wish I was doing with my crafting. But I am so impulsive, whenever I make a big sale I am too eager to spend the money on more supplies rather than save it up and make a budget. I hate numbers.

Fall is coming and I plan to get back in school. My year off served it's purpose in letting me see my self and figure out a career. I am waiting to hear from Texas Women's University. My only worry is that my transcript will get there late, and with my luck with red tape, it will be too late. Then what will I do? Bike across america maybe and go to every craft event I can find! Hey this sounds pretty good to me. Craft across America! 

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sweet Freedom

I have epoxyed a great many scrabble tile rings today. They had better be the last ones I do for a while! The exact number I know not. I didn't count them on purpose, I want to wait until: the epoxy has set, then remove all those that are messed up, then count how many I have left. There had better be more that I need, not less. 
Indie BritChick rock is my new love. Lily Allen, Adele, Kate Nash and Duffy in particular. Thanks to Pandora Radio, I have discovered alot of their stuff and lead my to some great new stuff. These ladies get me thru the day and into the early hours of the morning. 
This is how I feel right now! Sunshine holding me up now that a great burden has just about been lifted. Check out this etsy shop. I LOVE her photography, it makes me want to go out shooting... almost. The urged to take pictures is in me but not strong enough for me to actually go out in Texas heat and melt.

My air conditioned craft loft is just fine for me thanks.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Gone with the Wind

I love classics. And I love the Lewisville Library, they have so many great movies. I am taking a panda face break. When these are done and out my hands I can finally get back to making what I want. WEEE!!!

Gone With the Wind and the 2008 version of Sense & Sensibility will get me thru the last leg of rings. I haven't watched GWTW in years but I have always loved it. This time watching, I have fought back tears more so than with any other movie! I am particularly emotional this week which plays into it, but with the real war going on I guess I can just relate more so than when I first saw it in 8th grade.

OK, glue is dry now...time to get my hands sticky... 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Wow, I am having the worst time with a large custom order. It has taken over my life. How many times have I had to start over now? 15? 20? I was up till 6 am working on them the other day. 

This project should have been almost too simple. Every little thing with this order has had something go wrong. I'm not exaggerating. If I wasn't so unhinged right now it could be pretty funny... but its not (she said in grave voice). 
After I get like a million (ok that was an exaggeration) done, I notice a flaw. Ink smear or sealer shinning thru the epoxy or cropped too small. These look pretty good right? WRONG! every single of of them is flawed. 

HOWEVER! Yes, there is a flip side. I finally got the right combination and application of tacky glue, photo paper, spray acrylic sealer, mod podge and epoxy resin... in that order. I won't know what to do when I have finished the whole entire 150 ring order and they are shipped. Tears of joy come to mind when I think of it.

I don't mind making them its just the dang chemicals are pissing me off. But I believe I have conquered them. I will know for sure in about 30 hours when they should be dry and harden. 

On the side I have been getting a birthday package together for my Best friend Meg. She lives with our other best friend in Connecticut right now and I miss them so terribly. Her birthday was last Sunday but we never give gifts on time. This package is going to be awesome, I only wish I could see them open it. Some awesome hand made goodies are in store for my girls. :)

 I am so tired and still feel like I shouldn't be wasting time online but I have made the rings and have nothing to do... for the moment. So why shouldn't I spend some free time spilling my guts to the Internet

Wow this is a long post... "I just have a lot of feelings" who can tell me what movie that's from? I always play this game with my lil sis Shannabe. She hates it... I love it. I win. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half Blood Premier

Me on the left in my handmade Bellatrix gown and my cousin next to me in her hand-sewn cloak and Goodwill dress (Narcissa) and then my baby sister on the right in a Goodwill ensemble as Ginny. It was soo good, and I am very tired now. So good night!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Me just venting a bit.

I am soo excited about the HP premiere!!! My costume is going to be awesome!  Totally handmade of course. 

Aside from getting ready for the midnight showing I am working on scrabble tile rings for a fellow Etsian. I had some trouble keeping the ink from smearing when I put on the sealer, that was very... very frustrating but I kinda figured it out it just takes for-ev-er! 

She just ordered 100 more which is great but its going to be a bit stressful. Custom orders usually get me all worked up and stressed about "what if this isn't what they had in mind?" "what if  it breaks" blah blah blah. So I decided no more custom orders, if I haven't made it I aint selling it! But this seemed to be different sine they are her logo, all I had to do was print them out and make them into rings... not. It took forever to get them the right size then my paper slicer wasn't sharp enough so the edges were jagged and the the whole ink smearing ordeal.  

This week is gonna be stressful. 

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Safari Room

We have finished the Jungle themed living room! Well, for the most part, a few little details are lacking (like cable TV). But the design part is finished! It was so fun and we did it really fast. The whole room probably cost less than $200 we wanted to keep all the receipts but they got lost here and there.

So, before the room was used as a storage room and the walls were plain white. So Rach bought a light tan color for the walls and a delicious chocolate color for the trims and floorboard. 

Rach found a gently loved love-seat at Goodwill for like $80, so that 
became the focal point in the room. Above it I hung framed animal print fabric in an asymmetrical pattern. 

Some of the frames (also from Goodwill) were nicked and scratched so I glued leaves around them to give them a more jungle feel. We are still collecting frames to fill the space better.

We brought in a coffee table from another room and used her existing runner and candles to decorate it. She bought a great area rug for $16 which helps define the sitting area as well as tie in the light blue from the candles on the table.

I made ceramic tile coasters with 
scrapbook paper and epoxy so drink condensation wont run the side tables. They are a great little pop of animal print since the paper is from a Jungle Multi Pack we got from Hobby Lobby for 40% off. 

Most of the little accents were either already in her home or from Goodwill. So we really saved money there.

The area looks so warm and cozy now. There 
will be alot of seating for parties and movie nights.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sweet Fries

I'm baking some yummy sweet potato fries for dinner got the recipe here.
I hope they are tasty. 

My roommate Rachel has a house left to her by a family member. Its a bit dated and not her style at all so I offered to lend my creative eye and help her re-decorate. I'm sooo excited, I love doing stuff like interior design but never have much opportunity. 

I am going to document it from start to finish and post it here. Every handmade job will be on here with details on how I made it. 

We are going with Jungle Theme with a Lion King influence :) Rachel LOVES Disney and this will be a perfect living room for a young, fun, teacher-to-be. I am itching to start painting.

I made this today:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jungle Red

There are some great movies on TMC tonight; I'm watching the original "The Women" and these women go on and on about having their pride so they deprive themselves of what they really want.  I love this movie but not sure if I agree with that. 

 I want nothing more than to be an independent, full-time crafter, so... what role does my pride play in this?  Not sure yet. 

My plan is to be half-time by Christmas and slowly transition to full-time by time I graduate in about 2 years.  Texas summers are the definition of sweat. I hate sweat. Ask anyone, I hate it! Therefore I HATE Texas summers, however, I plan to participate in an outdoor farmers market in July that accepts crafters only 2 days a year. So pride? Sweat?? Sales!

Blogging is still new to me so I hope to be adding more crap to it soon.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some of my Etsy listings

I really just want to see if I can figure out how to post pictures on here! lol.

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