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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heart, heat and headaches

We found out that my little sister has a heart murmur.  I had to cram down tears all day when mom first told me. I would look at her and literally think "I can't lose her." But she had an echocardiogram and its either nothing to worry about or easily fixed. We still haven't heard from the doctor however. 
I went shopping today in my grandmother's car which has leather seats... big mistake! My back got sooooo hot and I couldn't touch the steering wheel. I HATE SUMMER!!!
School starts soon and I still don't know if I am accepted to Texas Women's University. I am going to be making some calls soon. School has been nothing but a headache. Alan wants to go to TJC also and I tell him all the time now "don't transfer until you have your Associates". 

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