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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She & Him, new fav musical group

Zooey Deschanel... so cute and classy! AND she can't eat DAIRY!!! (lactose intolerant right here yall). Her voice is even more charming, its so vintage sounding almost Doris Day-ish! So turn off my playlist at the bottom of this page (unless its Sail playing cuz that is just about the sexiest song out there {I don't know why, its not a love song or remotely romantic}) and listen to her and M.Ward (together they are "She & Him") sing a new twist on Baby It's Cold Outside. She sang this in Elf with Will Ferrell and I do wish they would have recorded the whole song together but at least we now have this version. Its faster and the roles in the song have been swapped so be prepared!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Musical Chairs, Vampire-Boyfriend Christmas Tree and Toilet Paper Roll Race Tracks!

My 3 year olds... love these kids! We had our Thanksgiving Lunch at Mother's Day out the week before Thanksgiving and there were soo many left overs! I got to take practically everything home so I have a freezer full of quiches, casseroles, and a turkey pot pie!
They looved playing musical chairs while we were waiting for the feast to begin, really, they couldn't get enough of it.

It's so funny when they realize the music has stopped and they back into a chair. Mini chaos ensues!

Larsen got the chair just before Turner! He was a good sport

Look at that triumphant joy! Yay Lar-Lou!

My TREE!! Thank you Allison and Carter for lending me a tree! Isn't she a beaut!? I don't have a real topper yet so the little birdie I made will have to do for now! :) Snowflakes and candy-canes are my theme, nice, traditional, Christmassy!

So, the new thing to do is Deco-Mesh (I say new thing because I never saw it until I moved to East Texas). It comes on this big roll and, it almost consumed me! I finally figured it out tho!
I let my little friends Trae and "The Corb" help me decorate.

It was so fun to have kids over to do Christmas stuff with!

We got some help from my boyfriend. :) Handsome men dear reader!

I taught The Corb some "yogurt" here is a perfect example of Down Dog! He will find Tamera's yoga mat and want to do some yogurt when we are at my apartment.

We made race car tracks out of my hoard of cardboard for the hot wheels they somehow convinced me to buy when we were looking for Christmas tree lights. Sneaky sneaky.

Trae's track is my genius invention made from toilet paper rolls cut in half and enforced with kabob skewers and packing tape! Who needs a spend money?

Loving life right now! Hope you are too!

Thanksgiving with the newest member of the Snow Family! Welcome little Levi Snow

"Baby's Firsts" are always fun. This Thanksgiving was no different for my family! We had the blessing to spend Thursday afternoon with my new cousin, Levi. Having a new baby around, especially during this season, is ALWAYS a boost to everyone's spirit.

By the end of the meal, Levi was worn out. Shannon finally got some cuddle time with him after his bottle.

For the life of my mother, Levi would NOT smile at the camera, he was totally preoccupied with something on the table. But we finally got a little grin out of him.

Still no luck with me making all kinds of ridiculous sounds at him behind the camera.

See that blur at the bottom of this pic? Thats the world's most interesting dish of rice crispies!

The whole Snow gang.

Apart from Shannon, Levi is the only other baby Alan has ever held! Look at that smile, I guess Alan wasn't too bad at it.

OOhh, bottle time! He really loves Alan now.

My dad used to swing me like that, side to side then up and down. I do it to my kids but need more upper arm strength to be really good at it.

Alan, Victor, Levi, Dad.

This smirk is my favorite!


Awkward much Alan? :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your Invited to the Pinterst Party!

So my yoga instructor Allison, (also my friend, coworker and fellow crafty lady, I just like saying yoga instructor) had the best idea! Since the daycare we both work at is taking Thanksgiving week off, we have some free time! Well, what better way to fill free time than MAKE STUFF!!

I teach the 3 year old class, aka the BEST class! I really want to do the "Elf on the Shelf" with them but do NOT want to spend 30 bucks on it! So, being me, I figure I'll just make an elf and borrow the book! How cute are these?!

My apartment has taking a back seat to my classroom with regards to Christmas decor. Plus I am poor! So we are going to have to use the free craft supplies Mother Nature gives us. ALSO, that's the way Jane Austen did it. :)

After I go steal a tree from some pasture, or get a $5 triangular shaped shredded plastic coat rack from the Dollar Store, I want to make a ruffly linen skirt for it!

So pretty!
do yourself a favor and join in the party! pic some stuff from your pin board and have a great crafty/baking day!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

'nother peek at my apartment

I showed you some of my kitchen in this post, it looks ever cuter now btw! Come over for some baked goodness and see for yourself!

Well, my bedroom is getting sooo neglected! Its just not a priority right now, I have the vision but would rather get the more public areas done first like the kitchen, living and bathroom. However, I have some finished spots in my room that you make like!
Meet FiFi! My antique dress form that belonged to my great great aunt (i think thats right). Anyway its one of my favorite things and has inspired me so much, especially in photography as you will see lower down.

It took me forever to get her all properly aligned again, she got a little squished! But after risking lock jaw, from all the rusty bolts and nuts that make up her ridiculously complex innards, I got her pretty again and now she holds my ever expand supply of necklaces.

Here is a bit of my favorite black and white work I did. You see Fifi, my bestie Megan, and my huuuge collection of Jane Eyers! Loove my photo wall for it's vintage-y feel.

Oh boy, here is my OTHER favorite antique, the 1934 Singer sewing machine I got a garage sale for $24!!!! I had such plans for it to go into my first real place that I didn't mind it sitting in my parents garage for a year! My dad on the other hand was not to keen on that. :)

You'll notice the embroidery hoop in the first and last photo, that is something I am quite proud of. It's an embroidered original illustration from my fav Austen, Persuasion that I, of course, created. I hope to do more and possibly sell the pattern I created from the original illustrations! Fun Fun!

Well. these are a couple glimpses in one corner of my room; the hopefully soon to be "Jane Austen's embroidered linen supply room and vintage retreat"! Get all that in your mind's eye?

sing along

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