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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She & Him, new fav musical group

Zooey Deschanel... so cute and classy! AND she can't eat DAIRY!!! (lactose intolerant right here yall). Her voice is even more charming, its so vintage sounding almost Doris Day-ish! So turn off my playlist at the bottom of this page (unless its Sail playing cuz that is just about the sexiest song out there {I don't know why, its not a love song or remotely romantic}) and listen to her and M.Ward (together they are "She & Him") sing a new twist on Baby It's Cold Outside. She sang this in Elf with Will Ferrell and I do wish they would have recorded the whole song together but at least we now have this version. Its faster and the roles in the song have been swapped so be prepared!

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