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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Musical Chairs, Vampire-Boyfriend Christmas Tree and Toilet Paper Roll Race Tracks!

My 3 year olds... love these kids! We had our Thanksgiving Lunch at Mother's Day out the week before Thanksgiving and there were soo many left overs! I got to take practically everything home so I have a freezer full of quiches, casseroles, and a turkey pot pie!
They looved playing musical chairs while we were waiting for the feast to begin, really, they couldn't get enough of it.

It's so funny when they realize the music has stopped and they back into a chair. Mini chaos ensues!

Larsen got the chair just before Turner! He was a good sport

Look at that triumphant joy! Yay Lar-Lou!

My TREE!! Thank you Allison and Carter for lending me a tree! Isn't she a beaut!? I don't have a real topper yet so the little birdie I made will have to do for now! :) Snowflakes and candy-canes are my theme, nice, traditional, Christmassy!

So, the new thing to do is Deco-Mesh (I say new thing because I never saw it until I moved to East Texas). It comes on this big roll and, it almost consumed me! I finally figured it out tho!
I let my little friends Trae and "The Corb" help me decorate.

It was so fun to have kids over to do Christmas stuff with!

We got some help from my boyfriend. :) Handsome men dear reader!

I taught The Corb some "yogurt" here is a perfect example of Down Dog! He will find Tamera's yoga mat and want to do some yogurt when we are at my apartment.

We made race car tracks out of my hoard of cardboard for the hot wheels they somehow convinced me to buy when we were looking for Christmas tree lights. Sneaky sneaky.

Trae's track is my genius invention made from toilet paper rolls cut in half and enforced with kabob skewers and packing tape! Who needs a spend money?

Loving life right now! Hope you are too!

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