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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great Hair Day

It really was for once! I actually put forth effort in my appearance and the result was most agreeable. Sadly though, I must confess it did not sustain its graceful form, for you see the howling gale that blew from the contemptible abyss sought only to ruin me! Blackguard!

I do not think I have been so ill in all my life as I have been this past week. No seriously I was puking like a drunkard. AND I had a horrendous sinus headache for like 4 days straight. So whenever I would dunk my head to puke, my brain would scream at me. Not nice. The puking stopped after 12 friggin hours and the headache is receding famously.

I went to Terrel High School to day to see the first competition for my old High School's Theatre department. They did The Caucasian Chalk Circle which is what we won state with my senior year. The play is... interesting. But I know they will advance onward.
Before I stepped outside to get my beautiful hair destroyed an order I was waiting for finally came. I ordered 3 photographs I had taken to be printed and mounted. They are LOVELY! And I want to start shooting for reals now and see if any one likes what I see through my lens.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of... Part 1


What can I even say about my trip to New York? It was too short, thats what. All my allergy crap disappeared so that was awesome. We were nonstop from the time we woke up to the time we fell asleep listening to the street sounds out side their windows. I know all old houses are like this but its cool to wonder about the families that lived there decades ago listening to the same sounds. Meg and Am live in Washington Heights and their charming apartment over looks the Washington Bridge. Its huge!

this is going to be my room with my very own boiler!!

Long story short, my mom, sister and I play this crazy game where we hide this scary cat doll around the house and see who finds it first, so naturally Mrs. Chuzzlewit found her way in my suitcase.
She wanted to come see "Rock of Ages" with us which was SOOO AMAZING! Meg, I will see it with you anytime.
The Chuzz wanted the Coach bag I risked my life in China Town to get from my sister. It was so fun but mostly scary. We went to the back of a seedy store where the guy opened up a book case and lead us down rusty stairs to an outside courtyard. I was sure I was about to be drugged and trapped at this point but then it got even scarier when he took us into the back of another building. I knew I was about to die. But the building was just a beautiful room stuffed with purses! La!

This was the view coming up out of the subway heading home after a long hard day of walking around the town... but, you have to battle 5 flights of stairs to get home. No yellow brick road.

There was a yellow brick road here though!! Front row center at "Wicked"! Me and Meg saw every pore on the actor's faces. The picture above it the clock of the time dragon that hangs over the apron of the stage. When it roars and flaps its wings I swore it was going to fall and crush us.

We tried to get into SNL but no luck. I had 2 pairs of sock, 3 pants and 5 tops on and I was still freeeeeezzing. All four of us were wore out, me, Meg, Am and Am's hangover. I think we got in line at like 3am and left around 7am maybe?

But I must say the best part of my trip was meeting and kissing Rob.

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