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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Embroidery Hoops

When I started this blog I said that I just love to craft and wasn't dedicated to any one type. I stared painting as a little girl, decorated a ton of hat boxes in high school, loved scrapbooking in college and from there I just embellished and decorated for years... until now... (lights fade to black, crescendo building softly, suddenly lights flash onto...)

Isn't it pretty, the green is a bit warmer in person, (the Ott-lite I use is very blue). The dress was on a card I found online so now its my new favorite pattern.

This was one of the raffle items I made for my craft show. Satin ribbon is a challenge and demands slow stitching but its soo worth it. My collection is growing. La!

This was the original of the dresses. I love the Moda fabric I used for the whole collection. They look simply smashing juxtaposed in a collage.
So this post is a way for me to tempt the fates and say I think embroidery will be my weapon or choice. Now watch, I've cursed myself, this always happens, I commit to something I enjoy and it gets blighted. We'll see!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

"so i haven't been able to stop thinking about having a breast cancer craft show/bake sale here in van some where. I have a whole list of things that I want to make and a few places where it could take place. squee! I'm thinking I could put an announcement in the bulletins of all the churches and signs around town and at Mercy Ships, I could see what it would take to get an ad in local papers. All items have to have pink on them and if people want to donate handmade things for us to sell they can bring them to me or on the day of. call me later so we can discuss."

It all started with that e-mail sent to my cousin Bri after we did a community garage sale and discussed how we can raise funds so she and her hubby can participate in the Susan G Komen 3 Day this November.

Today was a success, not a tremendous, amazing success but a success none the less. I am satisfied at the overall event, no one was injured or got lost. Sadly some contemptible citizen of Van decided to remove one of our signs! and someone else stuck their garage sale sign right in front of OURS! How rude people! Oh well.

We had such a great response from the east texas community when we passed out flyers. The vendors were all so excited for the cause and some even created Pink products just for the show. It was very uplifting to see others as eager as Bri and I were.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Regency Embroidery

I found this article and just love it. I want it tattooed on my arm so that when I work I can be transported into Alicia's Land of Fantasy!

"We have come to associate the Regency period with fine white, high-waisted muslin dresses that were beautifully detailed and embroidered. Until quite recently in human history, a lady did not roam far from her sewing basket. She would mend, sew, and embroider whenever she had spare time. (Even the finest lady in the land could be found plying her needles.) During the day she would sit near a well lit window or even outdoors, and during the long evening hours she would sit by the fireside in a room with other family members, sharing the light from expensive candles (sometimes a single one). For entertainment, one of the men would read aloud from a book, or other family members would play musical instruments. Jane Austen was well known for her sewing skills and examples of her needlework are shown in the Jane Austen Museum in Chawton. "

Friday, July 16, 2010

I just can't be still!

Wow, the show is zooming at me full force! One Week! Oh lordy this is really happening. Huge servings on my plate right now: a custom book order for a wedding, school, organizing Craft For A Cure and making merch for C4AC. When ever I catch myself spending time and mental power on some unrelated thing (like blogging or showering) it stresses me out. I get like this when I have a show and I kind of feed of the rush but at the same time I am continually doubting myself "I'll never finish this in time. I won't have enough, I'm a joke what was I thinking?" But it still not enough negativity to make me stop trying to follow my passion, it teaches me to follow it even more hardcore, if I am constantly making things, then when a show comes around, I'll have plenty of merch. Oh now I'm just rambling so I need to stop this, go shower and finish the goodie bags for the first 25 shoppers! Be one, they are worth it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

C4AC is almost here!

We are just about full to the brim with vendors, can you believe it? I am so looking forward to this event, it will mean SOOO much to me if it is a success. Thank you God for guiding me thru this whole experience!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Hurricane

Please help me! Im watching The Hurricane for my Film Lit class. Im not going to make it! It only 57:13 minutes into it (2 Hrs 26 min total) so this is going to be a long night. This movie has nothing I can 0r even want to relate to. Ruben "Hurricane" Carter, (a boxing champ) is falsely accused of a crime and so the movie is chalk full of gritty fighting scenes, FOUL language that I don't want my sister over hearing, horrible injustices and nasty characters that I hope get nasty ends. Not. A. Feel. Good. It does have Ray Charles songs though out which I looove.

This is a feel good moment tho.
Shannon has been my baby sitting apprentice lately. Friday we had just Corbyn and she changed her first diaper! Yay! He slept in our arms for two sweet hours. It was such girl-tastic fun, a cuddly baby and a playful kitten! How lovely.
This week I am housesitting for Rach in Tyler. Shannon is staying with me for now, enjoying the sights and tastes of the BIG CITY! We checked out the new cupcake joint Ganache. Fresh and cute inside, but over $3 for a cuppy thats not that big or all that gourmet. Fun for a Girl's Night but I think we could have had more fun making our own cuppies at home jamming to show tunes.

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