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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fall 2009

I just got back from my advising at Texas Women's University. Housing has no more private rooms available so I'm taking all online classes this semester. I hope to be able to attend a lot of craft shows this semester, I just need to get a part time job that can pay for the booth fees. Man those can pricey. The only thing left now is to get a loan to pay for everything, I'll cry if I can't a loan. Well probly not cry... but ya know.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jonathan Wladen 1991-2009

A family that I grew up with in church is dealing with the death of there son, Jon. He and my brother were best friends and accomplices when they were kids. They were hell raisers! Jon grew up to be a respectful teenager with a dry sense of humor that made you laugh no matter what.

The Walden's moved to a small town here in Texas a few years ago. Jon was very active in his christian school which was also the church he went to. He played guitar for the worship band was very much loved.

Jon's little brother Chris, found him dead Friday (August 7th) morning in the back yard. Chris is 13. He checked for a pulse with no luck and shook his shirt to try and wake him up. Chris also tried to remove the pipe that Jon was gripping.

The police came, and left. They did no forensic investigation. No finger prints, nothing. They spent an hour looking for Jon's cell phone in the shed that Jon usually went to take phone calls. They couldn't find it, however, Bobby (Jon's Dad) walked right in and found it laying in plain sight on the work bench. Hmm.

Annette, Jon's mom, told us his face had been smashed, his neck was crooked and his face was not peaceful.

It was murder. No one can doubt it, Jon was lured out to the shed by some one who knows that's where he goes for privacy from his 3 other siblings. And attacked, he tried to defend himself with a pipe that Bobby says came from the shed where his cell was found.

The police department or whoever has records of the autopsy (which was completed in no more than 2 days) said at first his cause of death was blunt trauma to the head, which was obvious if you saw his face. But later, they said that it wasn't blunt trauma, it had to have been an accident.
Why would they change it?

So then the news reported that police have to evidence to suspect murder...

I just found a report that states, "he died of what seems to be breathing complications".

Breathing complications don't smash in a football players skull. They don't break your neck. They don't hold on to a pipe in order to defend yourself.

The Joshua, TX police department don't want to call this by its name MURDER. That would cause the statistics to change not in their favor. This small town already had issues with Jonathan's family when he was put in juvie. Years ago he and a friend where shooting bb guns and accidentally hit a kid who happened to be the daughter of a cop. Wow did we see the police jump into "zero tolerance" mode then! But when the same boy, now a teenager, is found beat to death in his own yard, its breathing complications.

I am so angry at the lack of professionalism from the authorities. They are just trying to keep their quaint small town as pleasant as can be.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heart, heat and headaches

We found out that my little sister has a heart murmur.  I had to cram down tears all day when mom first told me. I would look at her and literally think "I can't lose her." But she had an echocardiogram and its either nothing to worry about or easily fixed. We still haven't heard from the doctor however. 
I went shopping today in my grandmother's car which has leather seats... big mistake! My back got sooooo hot and I couldn't touch the steering wheel. I HATE SUMMER!!!
School starts soon and I still don't know if I am accepted to Texas Women's University. I am going to be making some calls soon. School has been nothing but a headache. Alan wants to go to TJC also and I tell him all the time now "don't transfer until you have your Associates". 

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