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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer Towel Crafts and BIG plans

Check one off my bucket list! I am organizing a Craft/Bake sale!!!!! The best thing EVAH!!! All the booths fees will go to breast cancer funds. Planning this event has been the most empowering thing (apart from my New York trip, shout out Meg&Am). More details to follow!

I am coming out with a line of baby things. Alot of ladies in my life are in need of such things.
Thanks to my muse, aka Martha Stewart, I go the instructions for this
portable diaper changing pad made from a hand towel.
It folds in thirds and ties with a ribbon. Some are made with
velcro but I think that can be noisy when changing a sleeping
baby and can scratch. So ribbon it is!

The changing side is the towel and the outside is a matching
fabric with one pocket for wipes and a diaper and a
second for diaper cream. The rose came from our
garden (some may call it a patch of shrubs in our yard).
Then second is a staple for all beach goers. A draw-string towel tote!
Years ago I made a towel bag with a removable
bamboo handle but it was rather pathetic when you put stuff
in it, and after all what else is a bag for?

All you see above: stunna shades, keys to my ride,
Persuasion (any Austen novel will suit) and a
water bottle fits in to the bag with room to spare.
And, it looks like it should!
I have all kinds of bright summer colors and I plan to make some
out of Aggie maroon and UT orange so the rivals can duke it
over who looks the best this summer. :)

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