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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She & Him, new fav musical group

Zooey Deschanel... so cute and classy! AND she can't eat DAIRY!!! (lactose intolerant right here yall). Her voice is even more charming, its so vintage sounding almost Doris Day-ish! So turn off my playlist at the bottom of this page (unless its Sail playing cuz that is just about the sexiest song out there {I don't know why, its not a love song or remotely romantic}) and listen to her and M.Ward (together they are "She & Him") sing a new twist on Baby It's Cold Outside. She sang this in Elf with Will Ferrell and I do wish they would have recorded the whole song together but at least we now have this version. Its faster and the roles in the song have been swapped so be prepared!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Musical Chairs, Vampire-Boyfriend Christmas Tree and Toilet Paper Roll Race Tracks!

My 3 year olds... love these kids! We had our Thanksgiving Lunch at Mother's Day out the week before Thanksgiving and there were soo many left overs! I got to take practically everything home so I have a freezer full of quiches, casseroles, and a turkey pot pie!
They looved playing musical chairs while we were waiting for the feast to begin, really, they couldn't get enough of it.

It's so funny when they realize the music has stopped and they back into a chair. Mini chaos ensues!

Larsen got the chair just before Turner! He was a good sport

Look at that triumphant joy! Yay Lar-Lou!

My TREE!! Thank you Allison and Carter for lending me a tree! Isn't she a beaut!? I don't have a real topper yet so the little birdie I made will have to do for now! :) Snowflakes and candy-canes are my theme, nice, traditional, Christmassy!

So, the new thing to do is Deco-Mesh (I say new thing because I never saw it until I moved to East Texas). It comes on this big roll and, it almost consumed me! I finally figured it out tho!
I let my little friends Trae and "The Corb" help me decorate.

It was so fun to have kids over to do Christmas stuff with!

We got some help from my boyfriend. :) Handsome men dear reader!

I taught The Corb some "yogurt" here is a perfect example of Down Dog! He will find Tamera's yoga mat and want to do some yogurt when we are at my apartment.

We made race car tracks out of my hoard of cardboard for the hot wheels they somehow convinced me to buy when we were looking for Christmas tree lights. Sneaky sneaky.

Trae's track is my genius invention made from toilet paper rolls cut in half and enforced with kabob skewers and packing tape! Who needs a spend money?

Loving life right now! Hope you are too!

Thanksgiving with the newest member of the Snow Family! Welcome little Levi Snow

"Baby's Firsts" are always fun. This Thanksgiving was no different for my family! We had the blessing to spend Thursday afternoon with my new cousin, Levi. Having a new baby around, especially during this season, is ALWAYS a boost to everyone's spirit.

By the end of the meal, Levi was worn out. Shannon finally got some cuddle time with him after his bottle.

For the life of my mother, Levi would NOT smile at the camera, he was totally preoccupied with something on the table. But we finally got a little grin out of him.

Still no luck with me making all kinds of ridiculous sounds at him behind the camera.

See that blur at the bottom of this pic? Thats the world's most interesting dish of rice crispies!

The whole Snow gang.

Apart from Shannon, Levi is the only other baby Alan has ever held! Look at that smile, I guess Alan wasn't too bad at it.

OOhh, bottle time! He really loves Alan now.

My dad used to swing me like that, side to side then up and down. I do it to my kids but need more upper arm strength to be really good at it.

Alan, Victor, Levi, Dad.

This smirk is my favorite!


Awkward much Alan? :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your Invited to the Pinterst Party!

So my yoga instructor Allison, (also my friend, coworker and fellow crafty lady, I just like saying yoga instructor) had the best idea! Since the daycare we both work at is taking Thanksgiving week off, we have some free time! Well, what better way to fill free time than MAKE STUFF!!

I teach the 3 year old class, aka the BEST class! I really want to do the "Elf on the Shelf" with them but do NOT want to spend 30 bucks on it! So, being me, I figure I'll just make an elf and borrow the book! How cute are these?!

My apartment has taking a back seat to my classroom with regards to Christmas decor. Plus I am poor! So we are going to have to use the free craft supplies Mother Nature gives us. ALSO, that's the way Jane Austen did it. :)

After I go steal a tree from some pasture, or get a $5 triangular shaped shredded plastic coat rack from the Dollar Store, I want to make a ruffly linen skirt for it!

So pretty!
do yourself a favor and join in the party! pic some stuff from your pin board and have a great crafty/baking day!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

'nother peek at my apartment

I showed you some of my kitchen in this post, it looks ever cuter now btw! Come over for some baked goodness and see for yourself!

Well, my bedroom is getting sooo neglected! Its just not a priority right now, I have the vision but would rather get the more public areas done first like the kitchen, living and bathroom. However, I have some finished spots in my room that you make like!
Meet FiFi! My antique dress form that belonged to my great great aunt (i think thats right). Anyway its one of my favorite things and has inspired me so much, especially in photography as you will see lower down.

It took me forever to get her all properly aligned again, she got a little squished! But after risking lock jaw, from all the rusty bolts and nuts that make up her ridiculously complex innards, I got her pretty again and now she holds my ever expand supply of necklaces.

Here is a bit of my favorite black and white work I did. You see Fifi, my bestie Megan, and my huuuge collection of Jane Eyers! Loove my photo wall for it's vintage-y feel.

Oh boy, here is my OTHER favorite antique, the 1934 Singer sewing machine I got a garage sale for $24!!!! I had such plans for it to go into my first real place that I didn't mind it sitting in my parents garage for a year! My dad on the other hand was not to keen on that. :)

You'll notice the embroidery hoop in the first and last photo, that is something I am quite proud of. It's an embroidered original illustration from my fav Austen, Persuasion that I, of course, created. I hope to do more and possibly sell the pattern I created from the original illustrations! Fun Fun!

Well. these are a couple glimpses in one corner of my room; the hopefully soon to be "Jane Austen's embroidered linen supply room and vintage retreat"! Get all that in your mind's eye?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Botticelli' "La Primavera" or My Obsessions volume #1

Continuing with my promise to myself to start blogging more often, I am sharing one of my passions with you dear reader! Art History!

Since graduating, I have become woefully forgetful of my art history education! My textbooks sit prettily on my shelf, and all I need to do to refresh my mind in the ways of Finish painting, cave drawings, Impressionism ect is OPEN one!

You have heard of Botticelli I'm sure, well this is one of his greatest and well loved paintings from 1481, La Primavera or Spring! I love it partly because this was my old Art History proff's favorite painting ever, and thats saying something. But I mostly love it for all the beautiful references to Mythology. Take a look at this great video I borrowed from my fav art history blog It's About Time.

Botticelli, La Primavera (Spring), 1481-82 from Smarthistory Videos on Vimeo.

Blogging Burdens...

Whoa boy, I drop this blog like it was hot! (que snoop doggy) Since moving into my fab little flat here in East Tejas, my Mac has seen little wireless and that makes blogging so difficult 4 me. When/If I do get online it's usually on my bro's girlfriend's laptop plugged into his Android phone! SuCh a bother for everyone.

I have been up to all kinds of crazy goings-on let me tell you! Babysitting, teaching, EMBROIDERING, cooking, SHOPPING PINNING. Gosh, Pintrest, where do I even begin with that revolutionary little wonder?

2 of my gal pals are starting new blogs which has convicted me into posting this little reminder to myself that I really do enjoy blogging just for my own amusement if not yours.

MORE TO COME! but where to start? Hmmm

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why I love my East Texas Town

  • The families I babysit for are incredibly supportive. One adopts me for a semester, one sends the mechanic to fix my car, another wants to pay for the repairs, one sets me up with Pampered Chef, one took my graduation pictures and gave me her graduation gown, they team up and get me a Bernina and a Big Shot!
  • Our donuts are the best, fluffiest sweetest, WARMEST rings of fried flubber anywhere. Just typing this makes me want to get up at 4am just to get a box of the first batch.... drool!
  • I had some of my favorite life moments in a little red trailer by a lake with my two best gals and 21 cats.
  • The Dollar General stays open till 10pm now!! YES!!
  • I get free Yoga lessons from a fellow crafty diva.
  • Anything in town is 5 minutes away so I'm rarely late! :)
  • Did I mention I love the families I sit for?
  • I have my eye on this adorable little gray house with a red door and white picket fence that has ivy creeping up the window. I will have it one day and make it a lovely little crafting cottage.
  • I love the look on people's faces when I say "Van".

Friday, September 2, 2011

My First (successful) Embroidery Pupil!

My brother's bonnie lass, Miss Tamera, quite easily agreed to let me give her an embroidery lesson yesterday! Yip Yip! So, she found a pattern in my Doodle Stitching book. Here you see her working with my awesomely huge light board I got cheap at HobLob, "Apollo" (Greek god of light...get it?) ;)

She did very well figuring out the best way to draw on the fabric (a cheap-ol-flat sheet from Wal*Mart for $5, great way to get embroidery fabric without paying 8 bucks a yard). Is it easier to drag the pencil against the grain or push it with the grain? You must learn these things yourself young grasshopper.

Finally have it traced, threads picked out and snugly fitted in my Q-Snap frame, she starts stem stitching if only the needle would stay threaded. The Stem Stitch is a pretty way to do a simple line, its my fav stitch.
She's loving this.... so am I....

And voila'! She finished it in almost exactly 24 hours!!!! Isn't it good?!?!?! She even created a signature at the bottom by the tail and nest for Tamera J.
Now she is working on something for my brother...eager beaver that one! We did it Mom, we converted her to our side!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My new obsession... Meet the GREEN MONSTER smoothie!!

so yeah, it's kinda brownish, bits of red, a hint of green... what the mess is in that blender?

HEALTH! that's what dear reader! 2 bananas, lots of fresh strawberries, splash of V8 fusion juice that has the servings of fruit and veggies (strawberry banana) one large scoop of peanut butter, some flaxseed meal I got at big lots and I haven't even said the healthy part yet....can u guess?SPINACH!!!! A whole wad of it! Throw it in there and blend, baby, blend!!!! Guess what you taste.... fruit and peanut butter! Guess what you don't taste...... nasty spinach! Google it, there are many recipes but I just throw stuff in and give it a blend! I have one every day, hoping my nails will start growing long for the first time in my life, we shall see dear reader. Sometimes I do chocolate soy milk, or peaches, or green tea, ANYTHING!

In closing yummers is all I have to say on this subject.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sneak Peek of my New Apartment...

I can't hold it in any longer, I have to show you something! My kitchen is all red and aqua... basically I have taped scrapbook paper to everything! My version for cheap, fast and temporary wallpaper. Of course you see my hand-embroidered towel hanging there, and the anthropologie measuring blossoms (spoons) that I showed you here. LOOVE it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"This is crazy!" or "My New Life"

I am currently sitting in the parking lot of the Public Library using the wireless, because even tho it's 2011 fiber optics (or whatever is needed for high speed internet) are just too much for my beloved small town!

So, that means I am IN my small town, I am moved into my apartment and will be posting before and after pics of my too cute kitchen soon! Just one more project to finish before I am satisfied with it. All red and aqua dear reader!

My wonderful little sis Shannon has stayed with me from day one of my new life, so lets see that would be 21 days! Wow! Sleeping on an air mattress for almost a month! Gosh I love her. I could not have done this without her.

My worst enemy is change, I have not like new situations since the day I was born, like they literally had to pull me out! lol I HATE moving, new routines and endings. If I am on the brink on newness, I am on the brink of a meltdown. I am tearing up right now just thinking about it. :(

So I must be crazy right for moving away from my family right? Right! But I really feel this is where God wants me. Apart from my parents house Van is the most home-like place I have. Plus I am living with my brother so I have some family here. Sometimes tho loneliness creeps into my heart and I question my decisions.

Shannon leaves me on Thursday so I know that will be a sad SAD day for me. Then on Saturday my best friend Megan who is visiting from New York will be flying back... bad week all around!

Today was the first day of Little Disciples where I teach the 3 year olds, it went great and God was with me all day. Once I get used to my new schedule I will have peace again, just like always but these first 2 weeks will be tough for me. I have such plans for myself that really do make me happy but its hard to shake this anxiety sometimes. It's irrational I know, and has haunted me all my life so you would think I would be used to it and able to cope by 24 but the tears on my shirt beg to differ.

This isn't me asking for pity, its just me getting it off my chest and asking for prayers while I adjust to like on my own. My parents are just 90 min away which is not too far but just far enough. I have been praying that God will provide my dad with a job out here so they can move down the street but He knows what's best for my family.

Phew... I feel a little better having gotten that out there. I am such a mess, my friends and family deserve gold medals for putting up with me and my crazy issues!

Next post will be better I promise!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Like It's Quidditch parody of Like a G6

Please do your magical heart a favor and watch this! Its a parody of Like a g6 all about standing in line for the HP premiers... and a little bit of Twilight too!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Galveston Vacation!

Ahhh... the beach!

Thanks to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, my dad is a cancer survivor. Now, my mother's best friend is part of the club! Darlene had to go down for one of her check ups and decided to take everyone with her and make it into a vacation.

We were all pretty excited to get to Galveston which is about an hour south of Houston, even the condensation from my can of Diet Coke was happy! :)

We spent one night in Houston while Dar and my mom went to her check ups. Shannon, Annie, Emily and I spent hours in the Houston Galleria, oh the sacrifices we make. ;p After that we spent a little time pool side to ease our tired bodies.

I squeezed in a little pool-side embroidery!

These 3 have been chums since before they were born! Dar and mom have been best friends/worst enemies for centuries!

We finally got to Galveston and had a pretty good view of the ocean from our hotel rooms.

Aren't they pretty?

I love this lady!

Anyone will tell you, dear reader, that the seagulls there will eat anything to hold up for them.

After we ran out of french fries, the girls gave them my homemade cookies! How dare they?

Casey's for some awesome crab cakes!

This was the twin's first time at the beach! It was perfect!

The straw mats we got at Wal*Mart stunk to high heaven but they sure are cute and handy! The waves were awesome so I taught them how to boogie board, cuz I have such sweet moves!

We went to Moody Gardens and sweated all thru the Rainforest Pyramid.

Cool thing on the wall...

After tromping thru the aquarium trying to find the shark tunnel thing...

...and going thru the whole place twice...

WE FOUND HIM! This is above my head! It was crazy.

The Palm Beach at Moody Garden was pretty cool, I love a good lazy river, but not when a 6 ft man is floating in front of me laying thru 4 inner tubes! How rude?

Shannon learned how to fence... not really, you believed me didn't you?

In case you can't tell them apart, Emily on the left, Annie on the right.

Besides the baby penguins, this guy was the cutest saddest thing. He would just walk back and forth, trying to break free from his oppression... I delighted in his sorrow.

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