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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving with the newest member of the Snow Family! Welcome little Levi Snow

"Baby's Firsts" are always fun. This Thanksgiving was no different for my family! We had the blessing to spend Thursday afternoon with my new cousin, Levi. Having a new baby around, especially during this season, is ALWAYS a boost to everyone's spirit.

By the end of the meal, Levi was worn out. Shannon finally got some cuddle time with him after his bottle.

For the life of my mother, Levi would NOT smile at the camera, he was totally preoccupied with something on the table. But we finally got a little grin out of him.

Still no luck with me making all kinds of ridiculous sounds at him behind the camera.

See that blur at the bottom of this pic? Thats the world's most interesting dish of rice crispies!

The whole Snow gang.

Apart from Shannon, Levi is the only other baby Alan has ever held! Look at that smile, I guess Alan wasn't too bad at it.

OOhh, bottle time! He really loves Alan now.

My dad used to swing me like that, side to side then up and down. I do it to my kids but need more upper arm strength to be really good at it.

Alan, Victor, Levi, Dad.

This smirk is my favorite!


Awkward much Alan? :)

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