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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blogging Burdens...

Whoa boy, I drop this blog like it was hot! (que snoop doggy) Since moving into my fab little flat here in East Tejas, my Mac has seen little wireless and that makes blogging so difficult 4 me. When/If I do get online it's usually on my bro's girlfriend's laptop plugged into his Android phone! SuCh a bother for everyone.

I have been up to all kinds of crazy goings-on let me tell you! Babysitting, teaching, EMBROIDERING, cooking, SHOPPING PINNING. Gosh, Pintrest, where do I even begin with that revolutionary little wonder?

2 of my gal pals are starting new blogs which has convicted me into posting this little reminder to myself that I really do enjoy blogging just for my own amusement if not yours.

MORE TO COME! but where to start? Hmmm

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