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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lee Lee's Waist Management check in 2

I forgot to update my progress. I know you can care less but believe me making it kinda public like this helps! So I have decided that Wednesday is the best day for me to do all the measuring because that it the day that I have NOTHING going on! Its my blessed breaking in crazy communing and hard core little boys (whom I love!)

I did very well, in fact I was shocked to see that I lost 7 lbs in a week and a half! I won't normally put the lbs I lost, just the BMI, until I reach my goal. To me, the numbers don't mean anything, I would rather weigh 300 lbs if I could look like a size 2! Right?

Wed Sep 29, 2010
BMI 26.0
So I have decided on my "skinny swimmy" but I will be needing a dress for graduation!
Thank God for modcloth! I will further motivate myself with potential dresses that I could NEVER wear now but would consider for graduation. This one is lovely and simple. The italian inspired Fontana di Trevi Dress. I love the bust line and the conservative little sleeves.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If you cannot think of anything appropriate to say you will please restrict your remarks to the weather.

thank you Mrs. Dashwood for those words of Regency wisdom. I do however have plenty to say that is appropriate, and yet I will chose to restrict my remarks to our WONDERFUL weather!

Fall is creeping up on us slowly but surely here is good ol' tejas. Monday was so lovely that I had no qualms with baby-sitting 4 small children.
My boys and I had planned to spend the day at the park, but we picked up the twins from their g-ma and spent the day in the yard instead. We snacked on little boxes of cereal, built dirt mountain ranges and climbed tree-houses. I got some homework read which rarely happens when my expertise is needed in re-routing the train track, but with 2 extra playmates available, I had a bit more time on my hands!

As you know, cold winds produces sniffles, fun. So, being the experienced daycare-goddess I am, I never go outside with out a full (mind you) box of tissues or a roll of TP. Here we see C teaching me an innovative way to keep your hands warm! Such a cleaver lad this one. Look out Van!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lee Lee's Waist Management

I have done well in the past with regards to losing weight but that was when I was living with my fitness nut cousin. In fact I lost about 40 lbs! That was just by eating sensibly and moving 30 min a day. We started off just walking the block for half an hour but as my body changed I was jogging part of the trail! Me, jogging, i couldn't believe it either. The more weight I lost the more motivated I was to get up at 6 to beat the heat and beat the lbs off!

BUT... yes there is a but, moving back in with the folks has slowly reversed my triumph (not blaming them at all, let me clarify, I HAVE to have accountability) so I have actually gained about 10 lbs back. :(

Thats all going to change. You, dear reader, will be my accountability partner. Sharing my personal info with cyber space will surely keep my on track? Hopefully.

My situation:
size 12 (tightly)
hight 5' 10''
BMI: 27.1
that puts me in the overweight category!!! At my best my BMI was 24 which is normal for my height so I'm close but not there yet.

My goals by graduation:
size: 8
BMI: 23 or less.
lbs to drop: 40
waist: 27"
hips: 38''

This will be my reward if I accomplish my goal. I LOVE modcloth but can't afford 90 bucks for a swimsuit! However, if I can drop 40 lbs, I'll make it happen! This swimsuit is so vintage and charming, its so cute yet modest! LAAA!

So I will be giving weekly updates on inches lost and BMI. Encouragement is needed so dont be shy! Tell me to get off my but and put down the cookie!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me right? I want to keep this gift from God, my body, in healthy working order so I don't take it for granted.

Note to self: "Its not about taste anymore!"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Ginger

Where do I begin with Amber? Well, her flaming red curls of course! We met as freshmen at TJC thru Megan and were thrown together as roommates in the lovely little cottage on the lake (aka the red trailer). We bonded supernaturally fast and she will always be my Ginger, however she tries to reject the moniker it is set in stone, so sorry Am.

The photo above is just about my favorite. We were out at the lake, so across the street, so I could just some portraits of her. Am wont smile. Period. Being the cleaver lass I am, I snapped this awesome candid with my 35mm SLR and made the splash effect in the dark room with the developer and a paint bush. A fun experiment btw.

I'm not even going to try to begin to relay the events of our short 2 years together, look for that in her unwritten novel entitled "1 trailer, 2 years, 3 girls and 21 cats" or "how to survive Van City Lake: College Edition." HA! I wish, Am you really, REALLY need to put 2005-2007 down on paper! She has however just had one of her poems PUBLISHED!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Introducing the EmbroiDIVA! Well, hello there!

I am the EmbroiDiva! I snatched up the etsy name as soon as I thought of it. I can't believe no one thot of it before! Well too bad, its mine! This is what I had at the Cowtown Indie Bazaar. These were taken with my phone so they aren't the best. The show was great, really one of the most fun I have done. But I am STILL WAITING for Bri to send me the pictures before I tell you about the best Saturday of the summer.

I love my ajsnow logo, which I designed myself thank you very much, but now I have to create a new one for my new shop: It's still empty right now, taking time to recuperate from the show, school and moving. The font and colors from my current logo took me a long time to track down and get just right so I will probly use them again or vary the colors just slightly. We shall see.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Best Saturday Ever! Arts and Crafts all day long!

Saturday the 4th was DINO sized amounts of awesome! The best part was the Da Vinci After Dark event at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.
I don't think I was supposed to take a picture of the dino but it was so cool i snuck out my phone. SOOO big.
Bri wanted to add to the Community Sky Line mural. It was really fun to see other's work all coming together to make DFW. Bri felt the tower needed more paper squares.
And then we met HIM! He looks good for being hundreds of years dead! This was an adult after hours event (aka drinks!) and he was frequently seen around the numerous bars set up throughout the museum. ;)

Its such a fun place because its a hands on museum for kids and as most of you know I am a big 'ole kid.
Mona Licia. tee hee.
To add to the awesome they had craft areas set up! We made Eiffle Towers but they only had kid scissors which are quite infuriating, I will think twice before makin my kids use them. I can remember teaching one of my daycare boys how to use scissors and his poor little fingers couldn't make his crappy ones work right. aww.
I hate rides, any kind of thrill seeking and I turn my tail the other way. They had the 4D Energy Blast Ride. Oh Lord. We were in this room that was made to look like the bottom of the ocean, swirls of wavy lights and big sea weeds. I start freaking out a little bit, not ashamed, it was scary! So, Bri being the understanding cousin she is, said we could skip that part. :) But after thinking it can't be that bad I put on my big girl panties and 3D specks! It was just like the SpongeBob Ride they used to have at 6 Flags, water squirted, air blasted, chairs moved and a little something got our ankles. So it was fun after all. But I will still NEVER ride another roller coaster!
I met a super cool fellow vendor and she took a liking to one of my cuppies and wanted it for her daughter, but (like myself) she hadn't made enough sales yet to justify some shopping. So she had the ingeniously simple idea of trading! Ah! How cool?
I never thought to ask other crafters for a trade before so I checked out her booth a bit later and found something special for Amber's christmas present, yes Am, I already have a present for you! Tee Hee she will LOOVE this lady's work and I'm not gonna tell you who she is so Am won't cheat.
I also ordered myself some personalized stationary from Oh Louise and I am soo excited to get them. She prints them and folds them all her little self! Handmade baby! Now I will just need an excuse to send a card, so you should give me a gift and I can write you a thank you not. Erica, I will be sending you one for the $100's you have saved me over the years!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Issues in Issues of Contemporary Art

My first week on campus at Texas Women's University was full of normal back to school stress added to my commute from Irving (soon from Colleyville). Last night my online Issues of Contemporary Art class met (so its not really online is it?). Walking in 40 min late, thanks rush hour, I found a chair in between two of the class's most vocal students. Yay for me. Well, we discussed the purpose of art, why is exists, blah blah blah art stuff.
The girl to my left is the embodiment of what I dislike about art school, ARTISTS! I have no patience for their attitudes and the mentality of, "I am disagreeing with you because I can, and you can't tell me I'm wrong because it's art which follows no rules; and whatever critique I give, you have to accept" Grrrrrrrrr. They are like lawyers, just want to hear their voice. SO anytime anyone had something to say about the image on the screen, so did she and she wouldn't just politely backdown when someone wouldn't agree with her it kept getting on the edge of awkward. The poor instructor kept trying to mush their opinions together in order to appease them both, never happened. You had to be there, but I'm glad you weren't.
Now, there was the red neck to my right. Yes, I thought at first he must have been lost or was giving his woman a ride, but no, the instructor knew him from past classes. This mad had a "Californication" jersey on, a paint splattered backwards cap, handle bar mustache, sunglasses balanced on his head and the reddest sun damaged tan I had seen. He could have stepped right out of the local biker bar. When we started sharing what our thoughts on the function of art is, he very boldly and proudly declared "to push the social envelope." uhhhh wow. I almost laughed at my incredulity. Later we where pondering an impressionistic landscape for like 2 seconds and then he asked if was a Degas. WHAT ROUGHNECK KNOWS DEGAS? I HARDLY DO! These are Edgar Degas, enjoy, roughneck Joe does.

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