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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Issues in Issues of Contemporary Art

My first week on campus at Texas Women's University was full of normal back to school stress added to my commute from Irving (soon from Colleyville). Last night my online Issues of Contemporary Art class met (so its not really online is it?). Walking in 40 min late, thanks rush hour, I found a chair in between two of the class's most vocal students. Yay for me. Well, we discussed the purpose of art, why is exists, blah blah blah art stuff.
The girl to my left is the embodiment of what I dislike about art school, ARTISTS! I have no patience for their attitudes and the mentality of, "I am disagreeing with you because I can, and you can't tell me I'm wrong because it's art which follows no rules; and whatever critique I give, you have to accept" Grrrrrrrrr. They are like lawyers, just want to hear their voice. SO anytime anyone had something to say about the image on the screen, so did she and she wouldn't just politely backdown when someone wouldn't agree with her it kept getting on the edge of awkward. The poor instructor kept trying to mush their opinions together in order to appease them both, never happened. You had to be there, but I'm glad you weren't.
Now, there was the red neck to my right. Yes, I thought at first he must have been lost or was giving his woman a ride, but no, the instructor knew him from past classes. This mad had a "Californication" jersey on, a paint splattered backwards cap, handle bar mustache, sunglasses balanced on his head and the reddest sun damaged tan I had seen. He could have stepped right out of the local biker bar. When we started sharing what our thoughts on the function of art is, he very boldly and proudly declared "to push the social envelope." uhhhh wow. I almost laughed at my incredulity. Later we where pondering an impressionistic landscape for like 2 seconds and then he asked if was a Degas. WHAT ROUGHNECK KNOWS DEGAS? I HARDLY DO! These are Edgar Degas, enjoy, roughneck Joe does.

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  1. WOW. Uh, WOW. That does not sound like a fun situation to be in. Ugh. Hey, I need to get your new contact lenses to you. When and where should we meet to make the exchange? (Ha ha, sounds like a drug deal.)

    I have three professors this semester. One guy is an Australian professor teaching us about... Australian Literature. :) He's super-smart, but obviously has had no life because his curriculum vitae is about 10 pages long (compared to others' vitae that are 2-4 pages long). He is very nice but very serious. He warned us that it will be quite difficult to make an 'A' in this class. *shudder* Another professor is teaching my Shakespeare. He even belongs to the Chaucer Society, whatever that is! He's AMAZING and FUNNY! His mannerisms are like that of Mr. Wisdom. He is also extremely tough, warning us that it will require a lot of work and upper-level intellect to make an 'A' in his course. *second shudder* Finally, my Spanish professor is a hilarious American who is fluent in Spanish and is married to a Columbian, who happened to be my Spanish professor last semester. He lectures the class in about 97% Spanish, which is scary. Good news, though -- his comical personality makes the class worthwhile; he'll usually repeat himself in different ways, use gestures, or occasionally interject a bit of English to make sure we're following him somewhat. Overall, this semester will be tough (as usual), but I think I will enjoy the professors and the content a lot more than usual. Yay.

    What other classes are you taking? How is your transition to your new home?


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