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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Best Saturday Ever! Arts and Crafts all day long!

Saturday the 4th was DINO sized amounts of awesome! The best part was the Da Vinci After Dark event at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.
I don't think I was supposed to take a picture of the dino but it was so cool i snuck out my phone. SOOO big.
Bri wanted to add to the Community Sky Line mural. It was really fun to see other's work all coming together to make DFW. Bri felt the tower needed more paper squares.
And then we met HIM! He looks good for being hundreds of years dead! This was an adult after hours event (aka drinks!) and he was frequently seen around the numerous bars set up throughout the museum. ;)

Its such a fun place because its a hands on museum for kids and as most of you know I am a big 'ole kid.
Mona Licia. tee hee.
To add to the awesome they had craft areas set up! We made Eiffle Towers but they only had kid scissors which are quite infuriating, I will think twice before makin my kids use them. I can remember teaching one of my daycare boys how to use scissors and his poor little fingers couldn't make his crappy ones work right. aww.
I hate rides, any kind of thrill seeking and I turn my tail the other way. They had the 4D Energy Blast Ride. Oh Lord. We were in this room that was made to look like the bottom of the ocean, swirls of wavy lights and big sea weeds. I start freaking out a little bit, not ashamed, it was scary! So, Bri being the understanding cousin she is, said we could skip that part. :) But after thinking it can't be that bad I put on my big girl panties and 3D specks! It was just like the SpongeBob Ride they used to have at 6 Flags, water squirted, air blasted, chairs moved and a little something got our ankles. So it was fun after all. But I will still NEVER ride another roller coaster!
I met a super cool fellow vendor and she took a liking to one of my cuppies and wanted it for her daughter, but (like myself) she hadn't made enough sales yet to justify some shopping. So she had the ingeniously simple idea of trading! Ah! How cool?
I never thought to ask other crafters for a trade before so I checked out her booth a bit later and found something special for Amber's christmas present, yes Am, I already have a present for you! Tee Hee she will LOOVE this lady's work and I'm not gonna tell you who she is so Am won't cheat.
I also ordered myself some personalized stationary from Oh Louise and I am soo excited to get them. She prints them and folds them all her little self! Handmade baby! Now I will just need an excuse to send a card, so you should give me a gift and I can write you a thank you not. Erica, I will be sending you one for the $100's you have saved me over the years!

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  1. I forgot about that night. We need to do that again. :)


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