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Monday, September 20, 2010

Lee Lee's Waist Management

I have done well in the past with regards to losing weight but that was when I was living with my fitness nut cousin. In fact I lost about 40 lbs! That was just by eating sensibly and moving 30 min a day. We started off just walking the block for half an hour but as my body changed I was jogging part of the trail! Me, jogging, i couldn't believe it either. The more weight I lost the more motivated I was to get up at 6 to beat the heat and beat the lbs off!

BUT... yes there is a but, moving back in with the folks has slowly reversed my triumph (not blaming them at all, let me clarify, I HAVE to have accountability) so I have actually gained about 10 lbs back. :(

Thats all going to change. You, dear reader, will be my accountability partner. Sharing my personal info with cyber space will surely keep my on track? Hopefully.

My situation:
size 12 (tightly)
hight 5' 10''
BMI: 27.1
that puts me in the overweight category!!! At my best my BMI was 24 which is normal for my height so I'm close but not there yet.

My goals by graduation:
size: 8
BMI: 23 or less.
lbs to drop: 40
waist: 27"
hips: 38''

This will be my reward if I accomplish my goal. I LOVE modcloth but can't afford 90 bucks for a swimsuit! However, if I can drop 40 lbs, I'll make it happen! This swimsuit is so vintage and charming, its so cute yet modest! LAAA!

So I will be giving weekly updates on inches lost and BMI. Encouragement is needed so dont be shy! Tell me to get off my but and put down the cookie!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me right? I want to keep this gift from God, my body, in healthy working order so I don't take it for granted.

Note to self: "Its not about taste anymore!"

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  1. You go, girl! I'm right there with you in getting fit before graduation! (Less than 8 months for me, ack!) You and I need to get together for walking expeditions when you're in town. I have been walking this circuit around the high school parking lot in the early mornings. Rooting for you! :)


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