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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Botticelli' "La Primavera" or My Obsessions volume #1

Continuing with my promise to myself to start blogging more often, I am sharing one of my passions with you dear reader! Art History!

Since graduating, I have become woefully forgetful of my art history education! My textbooks sit prettily on my shelf, and all I need to do to refresh my mind in the ways of Finish painting, cave drawings, Impressionism ect is OPEN one!

You have heard of Botticelli I'm sure, well this is one of his greatest and well loved paintings from 1481, La Primavera or Spring! I love it partly because this was my old Art History proff's favorite painting ever, and thats saying something. But I mostly love it for all the beautiful references to Mythology. Take a look at this great video I borrowed from my fav art history blog It's About Time.

Botticelli, La Primavera (Spring), 1481-82 from Smarthistory Videos on Vimeo.

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