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Friday, September 2, 2011

My First (successful) Embroidery Pupil!

My brother's bonnie lass, Miss Tamera, quite easily agreed to let me give her an embroidery lesson yesterday! Yip Yip! So, she found a pattern in my Doodle Stitching book. Here you see her working with my awesomely huge light board I got cheap at HobLob, "Apollo" (Greek god of light...get it?) ;)

She did very well figuring out the best way to draw on the fabric (a cheap-ol-flat sheet from Wal*Mart for $5, great way to get embroidery fabric without paying 8 bucks a yard). Is it easier to drag the pencil against the grain or push it with the grain? You must learn these things yourself young grasshopper.

Finally have it traced, threads picked out and snugly fitted in my Q-Snap frame, she starts stem stitching if only the needle would stay threaded. The Stem Stitch is a pretty way to do a simple line, its my fav stitch.
She's loving this.... so am I....

And voila'! She finished it in almost exactly 24 hours!!!! Isn't it good?!?!?! She even created a signature at the bottom by the tail and nest for Tamera J.
Now she is working on something for my brother...eager beaver that one! We did it Mom, we converted her to our side!!

1 comment:

  1. YAY!!! I knew you had the ability to sway her to the dark side my child! :) Great job Tammy Jo!
    love ya'll,


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