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Friday, July 16, 2010

I just can't be still!

Wow, the show is zooming at me full force! One Week! Oh lordy this is really happening. Huge servings on my plate right now: a custom book order for a wedding, school, organizing Craft For A Cure and making merch for C4AC. When ever I catch myself spending time and mental power on some unrelated thing (like blogging or showering) it stresses me out. I get like this when I have a show and I kind of feed of the rush but at the same time I am continually doubting myself "I'll never finish this in time. I won't have enough, I'm a joke what was I thinking?" But it still not enough negativity to make me stop trying to follow my passion, it teaches me to follow it even more hardcore, if I am constantly making things, then when a show comes around, I'll have plenty of merch. Oh now I'm just rambling so I need to stop this, go shower and finish the goodie bags for the first 25 shoppers! Be one, they are worth it.

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