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Saturday, July 24, 2010

"so i haven't been able to stop thinking about having a breast cancer craft show/bake sale here in van some where. I have a whole list of things that I want to make and a few places where it could take place. squee! I'm thinking I could put an announcement in the bulletins of all the churches and signs around town and at Mercy Ships, I could see what it would take to get an ad in local papers. All items have to have pink on them and if people want to donate handmade things for us to sell they can bring them to me or on the day of. call me later so we can discuss."

It all started with that e-mail sent to my cousin Bri after we did a community garage sale and discussed how we can raise funds so she and her hubby can participate in the Susan G Komen 3 Day this November.

Today was a success, not a tremendous, amazing success but a success none the less. I am satisfied at the overall event, no one was injured or got lost. Sadly some contemptible citizen of Van decided to remove one of our signs! and someone else stuck their garage sale sign right in front of OURS! How rude people! Oh well.

We had such a great response from the east texas community when we passed out flyers. The vendors were all so excited for the cause and some even created Pink products just for the show. It was very uplifting to see others as eager as Bri and I were.

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  1. Enjoyed the craft show! Purchased several items and even a stocking stuffer for Mary-Meadows! My favorite things are still the cup towels. Excellent job on fabric selection! Good work on organizing the show and actually a pretty good turnout for Van!


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