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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great Hair Day

It really was for once! I actually put forth effort in my appearance and the result was most agreeable. Sadly though, I must confess it did not sustain its graceful form, for you see the howling gale that blew from the contemptible abyss sought only to ruin me! Blackguard!

I do not think I have been so ill in all my life as I have been this past week. No seriously I was puking like a drunkard. AND I had a horrendous sinus headache for like 4 days straight. So whenever I would dunk my head to puke, my brain would scream at me. Not nice. The puking stopped after 12 friggin hours and the headache is receding famously.

I went to Terrel High School to day to see the first competition for my old High School's Theatre department. They did The Caucasian Chalk Circle which is what we won state with my senior year. The play is... interesting. But I know they will advance onward.
Before I stepped outside to get my beautiful hair destroyed an order I was waiting for finally came. I ordered 3 photographs I had taken to be printed and mounted. They are LOVELY! And I want to start shooting for reals now and see if any one likes what I see through my lens.

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