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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mansfield Park

Just watched the 1999 version on Hulu. It was interesting. It was well done, not like most BBC movies. Don't get me wrong I love the BBC, but they just seem to be wanting for film editing equipment. This version had Miss Honey from Matilda in it, which was odd because she plays the arrogant, and deceptive Mary Crawford who is out to ensnare our Edmond! But I was disturbed by a scene they added, which I am sure Jane Austen would never have put into print, about a book of drawings. Tom Jr. is being tended to by Fanny when she finds his sketch book that is full of  renderings of slaves and how they are being treated. The images where horrifying in the midst of a Jane Austen love story. Its real and based on truth but the element was to intense. Fanny's uncle is indisputably a rapists who come to no justice for his heinous act. The rest of the movie was beautiful, even made me cry when I know how it ends, just my thoughts. 

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