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Thursday, January 21, 2010

College, Crafts and...hmm Coffee

Thats my life. 3C's.

College is coming to an end for me, sorta. I have it planned out so I graduate in December but NONE of my college plans EVER go how I want. But I am taking 3 classes this semester, I hope to take 2 or 3 this summer and then 4 or 5 in the fall. Then what?

Crafting is my blood, its my air. I have Funk Finds in March which is AWESOME! So pumped. There is a show in Addison in May that I want to do, but they require a tax permit... (scary
music here). Getting my sales tax permit is something I have thought about for a year or so, but I always shy away from it because I know NOTHING about Taxes other than the Sheriff of Nottingham squeezed tax money out of the poor peasants in Robbin Hood. BUT I did it! I filled out forms and am an official
Sole Proprietor of AJSnow. AHHH How scary!

I pick January 25th 2010 as my first taxable sales date because it is one of my best friend Amber's birthday and the date that a close friend died so it will be an important date for me.

Coffee is fun to drink and fun to make. Not so, however, when the coffee ship (oops I mean shop) you work at serves 90% food and 10% espresso. I am NOT a cook. I am a barista. I can make coffee, I want to make coffee. I cannot make meals, I do not want to make meals. BLAH!

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  1. yep yep..... guess it is all about what certain people want. *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*


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