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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Make something. You'll feel better.

Good day today! Spent the whole happy! I realized that I have not been all that happy when I spent the whole day enjoying everything I did. I won't bore you with the details but I simply did things I planned and things I wanted to do. How spoiled am I?

I started and finished a project which turned out perfect! My original project was a sewn desk organizer from "In Stitches" by Amy Butler which I bought recently and is full of the cutest things, you try and not be inspired to sew. FYI I hate sewing! So I gave up on the desk thing cuz it was a mess and started a frame/ribbon organizer thingy instead. Good choice.

I am going to do 2 more craft shows that are in April 10th -11th and May 8th. That gives me 3 months in a row! OMG! Thats 3 times as many as last year! I am really working on making my stuff as impeccable and professional as I can. But I constantly think up something new and that slows me down. Risk worth taking to find my niche. I do have a clue as to what my niche is, and that clue is paper and fabric sans the machine. Its the machine that I hate about sewing. Bleh.

I am close with a couple of home schooling families whom I cherish. One mom asked me if I would consider teaching her kids a craft once a month or so. I have been thinking and thinking about it and I like the idea. Maybe we could get all the kids in her circle and have Arts and Crafts with Ms. Alicia. I am looking up substantial crafts that would further their art appreciation and still be fun. Any ideas?

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