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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Greek Geek

I'm 23! I'm old!

What is sexier than a Greek hunk? Well just sit your fanny down in front of "My Life in Ruins" and enjoy! Its my new fav and I think I have watched it like 5 times in 2 days, yeah I have no life. There is just one shot of the Parthenon and it lasts like half a second but it made me tear! What a nerd! Ancient ruins make me misty eyed. The whole movie is like an Art HIstory student's study guide mixed with one of the best love stories. Its the best because its sooo sweet and no stupid plot line where one hurts the other or mistaken identity or something stressful like that. Boy meets girl and they fall in love. Its a refreshing movie. Watch it Meg and Amber. Meg, Harland Williams is in it and WE KNOW HIM sorta.

I have had a break thru in crafting!!! FINALLY I think I found my niche in the handmade world! Bookbinding! Its soooo fun and I have 3 that are ready for Funky Finds in March. I don't get tired of making them so thats good cuz one takes like an hour to finish. So I make mini...(I'm watching My Life in Ruins right now and my Greek God just melted me with a little grin and gorgeous eyes whimper) any way what was I saying? Oh yes, mini journals $15-20 and full sized $25-30. I plan to take them to local book stores and other coffee shops and see if they will sell them. I say other coffee shop cuz the one I have sold my soul to back in 2005 wont sell them even tho they WILL get bought and bring in more money. But am I bitter, naw.
Oh there is also a sexy Australian in this movie.
Nope my Apollo is sexier. Dare I say it? SEXIER than Edward!!! GASP! tis true. I will marry a Greek or Italian man. Meg and Am, he resembles a gentleman who I will not name here, I think you can figure out who I mean. I would still take Mr. X over Mr. Greece. La.

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