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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New York Baby!

Finally! I will be taking a vacation! I would have chopped off my right hand to go to NYC in high school and now I can! I am nervous about getting on the right plan and shuttles and AHH! I am the worst with details. THE WORST! It's going to be great to just relax. My mid terms will be over and when I get back to texas I will have Funk Finds and spring break to look forward to.

Am I still living in texas? 2 snow falls this year! it's been wonderful!
The snow clung to the tops of the grass and weeds in our yard and made ice flowers.

I am working on journals for the show and am a bit nervous that I won't have very much merch. I found a cool tutorial on making displays for shows. I stole some doors from the trash pile at the end of our road and I am so excited to decorate them but I can't decide how... blank canvases are so intimidating. My journals are getting better and better. I use the left overs to make little "Demi" books. they are so small and cute I may like them better that the regular ones. I hope they look cute to customers too.

I love the chabby chic fabric flowers that are on everything handmade right now so I tried an experiment and I think they turned out pretty sweet. I call them Flirty Flower Bobby Pins. I hope mom's will want them for their little princesses.
I am trying my hand at growing basil and lavender. They are actually growing!! AHH. I am not much of a green thumb but its soo much fun do see little green thinks peaking out at me everyday.

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