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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sweet Freedom

I have epoxyed a great many scrabble tile rings today. They had better be the last ones I do for a while! The exact number I know not. I didn't count them on purpose, I want to wait until: the epoxy has set, then remove all those that are messed up, then count how many I have left. There had better be more that I need, not less. 
Indie BritChick rock is my new love. Lily Allen, Adele, Kate Nash and Duffy in particular. Thanks to Pandora Radio, I have discovered alot of their stuff and lead my to some great new stuff. These ladies get me thru the day and into the early hours of the morning. 
This is how I feel right now! Sunshine holding me up now that a great burden has just about been lifted. Check out this etsy shop. I LOVE her photography, it makes me want to go out shooting... almost. The urged to take pictures is in me but not strong enough for me to actually go out in Texas heat and melt.

My air conditioned craft loft is just fine for me thanks.

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