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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Craft across America

My high school theatre teacher (whom I have know for over 8 years) takes his family on a great summer vacation every year. This year they stayed in CO and met a couple of guys who are biking across America. Of course the two men are now part of the Wisdom family. 

The biker's blog is really too funny. I have spent my Sunday morning reading it and watching videos. I love when people can just plan for something and then go do it! Its kinda what I wish I was doing with my crafting. But I am so impulsive, whenever I make a big sale I am too eager to spend the money on more supplies rather than save it up and make a budget. I hate numbers.

Fall is coming and I plan to get back in school. My year off served it's purpose in letting me see my self and figure out a career. I am waiting to hear from Texas Women's University. My only worry is that my transcript will get there late, and with my luck with red tape, it will be too late. Then what will I do? Bike across america maybe and go to every craft event I can find! Hey this sounds pretty good to me. Craft across America! 

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