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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrifty Nifty!

A dear friend and fellow craftastic blogger Dana found this awesome bit of vintage fashion at a thrift store for less than 3 bucks!!!! Check out her post for more details.

The inside is soo Anthropologie dont-cha think? Its blue velvet outside and satin inside.
Its so cute and actually fits me, its a little hard to drive in it but as long as I look good, who cares what my driving is like? :)

Dana had the most creative wedding I had ever heard of. Most of it was hand made and so beautiful! Her dress, the men's ties and boutonnieres, and of course the bouquets. I am planning on stealing some ideas when the time comes.

Here are some shots from the DIY photo booth she has set up, it was so fun and there was a line for it most of the day! Here is me and my cousin Bri. Her bride's maid dress was handmade by the Dana using an Amy Butler design. Kudos for that, Amy Butler is not the easiest stuff but so pretty.
Here we are after a fun night of Cupid Shuffling, Cha-Cha Sliding, and general booty shaking. Notice how sweaty my shoulders are, we were drenched, not pleasant but worth it for such a fun night outside in the middle of Oklahoma under stars and twinkle lights. Me, Bri and Dana. There were probly about 20 other people in this picture, fyi.

Thanks Dana!

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