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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Go to my Happy Place or Inside the Mind of a Crazy College Girl

Go to my happy place! Go to my happy place!

I am in my little blue frame house with the red door in Van. The green ivy creeps up the window in the corner. My short, white picket fence has just been repaired and gleams in the sunshine.
Rosemary Clooney croons from my Bose Sound System.
My boyfriend is spending the day with me helping me plan for my next EmbroiDoodle Party while I put or Lean Cuisines in the freezer. Oh yeah I wear gloves too.
The windows are open and a cool breeze helps dry the paint and glue that are drying on my various craft projects.

I have mastered the art of the sewing machine. Every textile in the house is either made 100% by me or has some little handmade embellishment on it.
My fridge is stocked with lactose free everything, ready for snack time.
SO this is where I will retreat during my crazy days this semester. This last semester, wow, my last first day of school. I don't believe it. Something else will fall through and I will break down! I just know it. But thats ok, when they lock me away in my padded room, I will really be in the blue house with the red door, happy, crafty and crazy!

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