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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Skunk-er-ator 2000!!

As you recall, we have a stinky neighbor. We are still trying to flush out some lingering odor and it's a kinda scary process. Meet the creepy vent thing on our ceiling...It's this HUGE vent that is controlled by a timer on the wall. It sounds like a UFO landing when it opens and a dinosaur when it's on . Check out the RED blades threatening to chop my face off. BUT it sucks out air so thats what we want right? creepy
Here is Shannabe, Daddy and Snowball out by the back shed aka "Snowball City". This house doesn't have a fence, so Puppy is hooked up to a zip line, yep, a zip line. Well, Pops finally got enough stuff to make a fence! Yay for Puppy! Yes, that is a sledge hammer in Shannon's hand! Her little ballerina arms plus a murder weapon where funny. No one got hurt but it was worth watching.

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