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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pepe Le Pew or the smell of the apocalypse

Just in case you are curious as to what the apocalypse will smell like, come on over to Colleyville where Pepe Le Pew's family has set up residence.

For weeks we get whiffs of skunk, this past week poor Snowball became Skunk-ball. Poor puppy got sprayed. BUT! Last night I got the familiar whiff of our fury friends, but it grew stronger, and stronger until I thought, this is not normal!

Mom, Shannabe and I all walk out into the hallway shirts over noses, and all I can say to describe the smell is this- rotten onions, death and Jacob Black's werewolf stink. Overwhelming. Terror-inducing odor. We are 100% sure it got under our house under the kitchen and, Let. It. Rip.
Shannon slept in my room which was less affected thanks to my one window as opposed to her corner room with 2 windows. To mask the smell we tried dipping our fingers in melted candle wax and held our hands to our noses, after that didn't work, we doused ourselves in Vix Vapor Rub. That helped but there is NOTHING that gets that smell out of your brain.
Poor Shannon, was miserable, she kept joking about how God hates us, and that she was dying inside. Poor baby! She had me cracking up because she is rarely outspoken like that.

I'm SOOO glad I haven't started making dresses. Mom had to run around and grab all her sewing projects and bag them up to protect them.

I am sure that the end days will have this same smell, so get right with Jesus dear reader, you know if eternity in a fire pit isn't enough motivation for you, come on over to the Snow house and get a whiff of hades.

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