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Monday, March 21, 2011

Mary Meadows Had A Little Lamb!

Check out my latest little lovely!

Mary Had A Little Lamb, whose fleece was hand embroidered!

My color palette. So springy and fun! Mary Meadow's Grammy picked out the fabric and found the hankie at First Monday in Canton. And of course (mom's) DMC floss in every color wanted.

Grammy found the "Mary" embroidery on another dress, so using my cleverness, I made a pattern out of it. Working on such thin fabric was a challenge but it just took delicate stitching and less thread. Hankies for aprons from now on me thinks!

Instead of just embroidering Mary's apron, I thought wouldn't it be cute if she had the
old time-y peek a boo apron of her own? Then I embroidered a, M for Mary and mini rickrack to the bottom of the apron.

The Little Lamb is made with 2 different grays and loosey-goosey french knots to look wooly!

The bodice is sewn with contrasting orange thread that makes the animals on the fabric pop. I didn't want to lose the top of the hankie when I sewed the skirt to the bodice so I just folded it over for optimal cuteness.

My great-great Aunt Gennie was a famous seamstress, she worked for important Dallas families like the Bass family! (Bass concert hall) We have a lot of her old sewing notions and I found some lace that looked great with the fabric, I'm not sure if the rickrack was hers but I told myself it was! :)
The dress is infused with Jane Austen, I watched both versions of Pride & Prejudice while I worked on it during Spring Break, so it's a special dress! I can't wait to start taking orders!


  1. LOVE it!! I haven't actually seen it yet, mom is bringing it after work & I can't wait!!!!! SO excited!

  2. i want lots of pics for Etsy, if ya don't mind!

  3. Thank you so much Alicia! Fabulous work! The embroidery is devine! Can't wait for the next one. I'm working on it in my mind :)
    Brenda (Grammy)


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