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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My long lost vintage treasures!

I have lived in Texas, California, and Oklahoma (I was a baby so I don't remember it), went to 4 Jr. Highs, and have officially moved over 10 times (actually packed all my stuff and emptied a house) I have stayed with people for whatever reason, jobs or school 4 times, (so they are mini-moves I guess).

Needless to say our items tend to get left behind in grandma's garage, someone's closet etc. So when dad finds a box tucked in a back corner with my name on it I know I'm about to go down memory lane!

He just made my day with my box of vintage collectables and old journals!!

I have this pattern saved on my computer as an embroidery pattern, so I was thrilled when I remembered I OWN it!
In high school, my friends and I put our new drivers licenses to the test by driving from Van to the antique malls in Terrell to buy this antique corset! It actually fits me but my hips get a little squishier the tighter it's drawn! :)
My great great aunt Gennie was Dallas's best seamstress. She never married and had the BEST stash of sewing stuff. The women in my family all share her treasures. I don't remember her but she called me by by spanish name Ali-C-ah. :) We would get along so famously if she was alive now. These tags she cut out of clothes, not sure why, but they are still really cool.
The vogue patterns, an antique postcard sent to my great grandfather and a print I made from a photograph in art school of my grand father Poppy(ie?) in Paris. One day I want to take an identical picture of my standing in that same spot.
I think these gloves where either Ginnie's or my grandmother Oma's; both ladies have tiny hands.
The journals are just chalk full of childhood and high school memories. I can't wait to share (some of) them with Megan! Meg, your gonna laugh and cry your eyes out.

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