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Thursday, March 3, 2011

How much do you love Greek Yogurt?

The first time I had greek yogurt was at Leslie's house and I looved it! I'm not that crazy about yogurt normally but someone told me greek yogurt was alot like custard! I LOOVE frozen custard! More than diet coke probly...gasp!

It shouldn't surprise you that part of the reason I like Greek yogurt is the name... Greek anything has me hooked.

There is a brand called The Greek Gods. They have the best website! (yes I am nerdy enough to go to a yogurt website... don't judge!) Anyway, the website is here and is worth a visit if only for the Greek God family tree! Each yogurt flavor is named after a deity! Athena is our favorite flavor, strawberry and honey. We tried fig, plain, vanilla cinnamon orange, and pomegranate. Wish is had less calories but what can ya do?

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