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Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's right is not always what's popular-or- Having the guts do the right thing

I do not think cliche -ier words were ever spoken, but they are still true! Its a hard decision, scratch that, painfully scary decision to shed light on darkness. Revealing a confidence, going behind someone's back or over their head with the pure intention of good drips with trepidation of the worst case scenario: losing that person's trust in you.

It takes courage and God's grace to do the right thing, so, dear reader if you find yourself in such a situation, know that we should do the GOOD, RIGHT, CLASSY, thing even if some uncomfortable situations may arise. For example, once upon a time, I popped a boys ear drum in exchange for his stopping harassing me, not sorry I did it even if he still has hearing trouble!

Defend the good and innocent things that are left in our world.

Do not put up with trash, scum or foulness, we don't deserve that, God has better plans for us.

So thats what's buzzing in my brain today!

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