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Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Etsy Previews

I am have so much fun finding fun fabrics. My 2 research papers due in a month are not going to write themselves so I have to stop this creative mayhem but... thats not fun!


  1. Walk in the Park & Metro Living!! I am going to have to narrow down my wants!!!

  2. These are so cute!! My favorite is Metro Living! But I also like La Petite Ecole, Walk in the Park and Modern Affair. :) Can't wait to get some of your dresses for Katelyn!!

  3. I have 22 different collections waiting to see the light of day! God has lit a fire under my rear to finish my papers early so I can hopefully take some orders!

  4. Ok your are going to have to quit posting fabrics or I will never be able to decide!! And I haven't even been to Nimble Thimble yet.
    I do reallllllly love Metro Living & Walk in the Park. HMMMMM


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