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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Preping for Jane Eyre

Where will you be on Friday, March 11? Guess where I will be? Sitting in a plush chair with cup holders, munching some form of chocolate, gulping diet coke, (no popcorn cuz it gets stuck in my gums), staring at a huge screen with images of a governess, a brooding hunky (true) gentleman, a stately home called Thornfield... give up?
The newest version looks to be promising but I have learned the hard way not to expect much from books-to-movies but I can't help myself where Mr. Rochester is concerned.

Two clips available here.

So to prep for the biggest movie event in 2011 (until Breaking Dawn Part 1) I will be re-reading Charlotte Bronte's masterpiece. Its a hard read but after struggling thru the lingo I find myself crying the tears women have been spilling for decades! If you haven't read this novel, GET TO IT LADY!! Wuthering Heights by her sister, not so much, but Jane Eyre... yes.

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