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Friday, February 11, 2011

Matilda Jane Inspired Dresses

See Nellie Grace in the Red and Aqua Birdcage dress here!

For Christmas I was equipped with the world's best sewing machine, whom I believe I will name Hera but more on that later. After a few VERY successful and finished projects I attempted a baby dress!

Not only did the first one come out pretty great.

The pattern is called Apron Knot Dress from Little Lizard King's etsy shop. (very similar to Matilda Jane)
I added the applique on the apron from some left over fabric.

The second dress attempt was even better!
If it from me, you can bet I'm gonna pull a needle thru it somewhere! Embroidering on a busy pattern was tricky but I love the finished product.
Red + aqua= happyness
Added satin ribbon tags for extreme baby entertainment!
And the third dress was a mega dose of vintage charm!
This photo of the embroidered sheep is odd looking for whatever reason.

My nursery was done in lambs so I have a partiality for fwuffy wittle wambs!
Mom has the largest *cough hoard* collection of fabric that I weeded through for this dress. The skirt is made from 3 inch strips of said fabric remnants that I pieced together. It gave the skirt more poof than a regular one long piece.
Over all they look great and I had to stop myself from making a ton more, gotta fit school in there somewhere right?


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! These are SO gorgeous!!! Do you sell these??? I have a cousin that would look absolutely adorable in these (any baby would!)! She's 22 months old. If you sell them I'd definitely be interested in buying! :)

  2. These are very sweet dresses! I love that you did some hand-embroidery on them.


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