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Friday, February 18, 2011

Etsy Update!

I have received a HUGELY positive response to the Apron Knot Dresses I made for Nellie Grace using the Little Lizard King pattern. A few people have asked me to make some for them too! So I have decided to list them on my long empty Etsy Shop!

How it will work:

1) You find a listing with fabric collection you like. DONT BUY IT THOUGH!
2) Send me a message with the size and fabric collection you want.
3) I will make a "Reserved For" listing just for you with the correct price that you will purchase.
4) I will order the fabric, make the dress, and ship it to you! It will take 2-3 weeks.

You want a little extra something special you say? How about a hand embroidered motif on the apron?

1) When you buy the dress, you can purchase the extra embroidery and I will hand stitch it on the apron!

I will make the listings active after midterms and 2 major papers due at the end of March. So look out APRIL!! Alicia will be making some AMAZINGLY cute TOTALLY fun SUMMER dresses!!! YAY!!!


  1. Alicia, the little dresses you made for Nellie Grace are adorable. I expect to be hearing great things about your creations in the days to come. You are so talented and using that to the fullest.

    (Leslie's grandmother)

  2. Thank you JoJo, I'm just glad Leslie hasn't minded me using her children to test my crafts on!

  3. my etsy address is but right now it's empty. I will start listing in about a month after I finish two monster papers for school, no fun.


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