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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lovely Ladies Late Luncheon-Lee Lee Style

Her Royal Sweetness Jane Austen! On my CAKE!!! Bri is amazing at making cakes.
For my 21st b-day she made me a Hat Box Cake, and for my 22nd she made the book Eclipse. This year's cake was a "Cheesecake Lover's" recipe with crazy stuff in it like coffee creamer! She layered it with fresh strawberries. It's incredible!

I made these white chocolate tea cups then filled them with cream cheese fruit dip, I guess the theme was chocolate and strawberries.

What do ya know? Its that chocolate high heel! We had one white and one regular chocolate, but I really couldn't think of anything to do with them, but Brilliant Bri thought why not more strawberries?????

Here is the whole table setting. LOVELY!! Every thing on there was handmade, even my teacup candle holders.

Gotta have cuppies. I used my Martha Stewart recipe for the chocolate dipped ones.

Another candy mold I have is this cameo. Shannon looves them.

Here is a close up of one of the teacup candle holders I made.

I told Bri I wanted a pennant-bunting-banner whatever you call it, I wanted one.
So notice between the cake and the smaller teacup candle, MY PENNANT BANNER! We spent forever getting it to hang properly while sticking the posts in two of the chocolate covered cuppies.

I loved it. It was crazy getting it right, but I LOVED it.

After lunch I gave a craft tutorial. We made two different kinds of fabric flowers.

My pupil's did fabulously! Yes I did paint that huge picture on the wall. I know you were dying of curiosity. ;)

Bri and I, tired, worn out, but quite proud of our party planning prowess! BTW my shirt is from Anthro!! I finally have a piece of their clothing, I got the necklace from Charming Charlie's. I hate, loathe and abhor shopping for clothes, but this outfit was waiting for me and after birthday gift cards it cost me less than $20!
I had a GREAT 24th birthday party! Thank you family and friends for putting up with my silliness.


  1. Howdy,
    Thank you for commenting on my blog ( I have a little gift for you and would like to know where I can send it.

    Just so you know I'm a plain old blogger and not some nasty person, I'll give you my name and address first, so you can track me down. ;-)

    Send me an e-mail at, and I'll write you back a lot quicker than I update my blog!

  2. OH MY WORD!!!! Love how the chocolate tea cups turned out and the fabulous shoes with the cameos...I am thinking I may have to hire you to do some for Nellie Grace's party!! LOVE the cameos!!

  3. Those are adorable and I'd love to know how you made the chocolate tea cups!


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