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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The What If Game or I am a HUGE Nerd

Let's play a little game, what-d-ya-say?

What If:
  1. I wasn't 14 weeks away from graduation?
  2. School wasn't so unreasonably overpriced?
  3. The paperwork to get into school, pay for it, schedule it or finish it wasn't so mind numbing?
  4. I didn't hate school so much?
I would consider classical studies or anthropology. If anyone drops the word Aegean, Minoan, Greek, Mycenaen or Homer, I mentally salivate. Gross, but true.

Nothing makes me want to (scholarly speaking) "dive in" more than ancient Greek culture. Not even Jane Austen! GASP!! Tis but too true. I love learning about her life, but I would rather travel to Crete than London. Can you believe that? Bet you didn't know what a weirdo I am.

I don't know when it started but I have always been interested in the gods and all their stories. I even have to stop myself from buying children's versions of their myths for my kids!
Just something I think about (when I find myself watching PBS specials about theories for what happened to the Mioans or could Heracles have actually been a real man?) is this: I could have had a real career as a teacher if I had pursued this early on. When I tell people that after graduation I plan to craft, they must think I'm crazy. But how impressive would it be if I replied, "Well, I'm heading up and excursion to Athens to look at some newly discovered pottery that may have clues to the Trojan War."

Oh well!

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