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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Snow's Brush with Death

At 4:20 am on my mom's birthday, Aug 5th, I wake up to the smell of roasting marshmallows but, no...thats not right. Someone must be burning leaves, wait no, it's the middle of the night so probly no one is raking. Omigosh its smoke! I turn on my lamp to see if there is smoke in my room (which I share with my 13 year old sister) but there was just clear air but I know I definitely smell smoke in the house.
Jumping up and grabbing my phone I shout, "Shannon GET UP there's SMOKE!" Remembering my elementary school lesson, I tap the door knob to make sure its not hot (signifying fire just on the other side, thank you very much!) which it wasn't. So up to this point my mind is going 300,000,000 mph but I'm not scared or frightened, I just know we HAVE to get out of the house NOW.
Stepping into the hall, I see the white smoke and I think, "get down below the smoke" and "white smoke means no flames so thats good I guess" I call my brother, who doesn't hear me, and instruct Shannon to, "Just go outside now". Again, she was the only thing I was thinking about, God kept my head clear and calm, just processing what needed to be done.
So it took me a while to wake up my parents which alarmed me for a fraction of a second, but after I pounded on the door and calmly but loudly said, "Mom Dad you need to get out, there's smoke, I smell smoke" they got the hint. My dad is the worst person to wake up, no matter what wakes him he jumps up like a scared cat, so needless to say he started going a little nuts saying FIRE! But I said calmly as I jumped out of his way that I only smelled smoke. Shannon and I stayed outside after I went back for my Mac, I know I know, never go back in right, or you may be thinking what about my brother? Some big sister I am, but again, God kept me calm and I just knew he was fine (which he was), divine guidance you could say.
So I ask if I should call 911 and Dad says yes so I dial and hit send, but before it rings I hear my dad bellow, "AWW MAN!!!!!" He found the source so I quickly hang up hoping they don't call back, what would I say? Sorry, I thought my family was on fire but we're good thanks!
What happened was my brother was making his nightly cup of tea and you know how they say Green Tea is so good for you and all that jazz, well the Snows are here to tell you Green Tea Is Deadly!! Every night he boils the water, bags the exotic tea, and ads the sugar, lets it cool and enjoys! Well, every night except this night, he did all of the above minus letting it cool. He said he went to watch tv or play a video game or something and just fell asleep so the tea boiled over onto the flat stove top and ended up a charcoal disc in the bottom of the pot.
2 hours later when Shannon and I got up to babysit, I left mom this little birthday note with a small bouquet of Crepe Myrtles from the trees in our front yard.
It says "Happy Birthday HOT STUFF! Glad we're still alive." Aren't I cleaver? Now I am know by my super hero name "Bonnet Lass"! Stories coming soon I promise! Thank you Lord for keeping me calm and that we are all 100% fine... and for marshmallows.

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