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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Once upon a time, a sophomore Alicia sat next to a sophomore Megan in World History with Mrs. Wooten. We were learning about King Charlemagne who ruled over France and Germany. I'm not an expert on him but I am getting there. He was basically the hero of my heart. He is responsible for "a revival of art, religion, and culture" in the middle ages. A warrior for the Lord and art! *Sigh* Now, the whole be a christian or we will kill you and your village is something I turn a blind eye to cuz his heart was in the right place, right? Maybe he just didn't have the social skills to witness the right way. But since that class, I have called my soul mate "Charlemagne" and named my bear after him. Meg and I got our bear for Christmas our sophomore year from a close friend, Heidi. Megan's bear is a darker brown and named "Puck" after "that merry wonderer of the night" who is also her code name for her future hubby. A certain youth pastor and his groupies have found it quite humorous to kidnap Char during camp and compromise his safety. Kenneth I'm talking to you! :) Many a battle between good and evil (girls vs boys) has been fought in Char's honor. Charlemange has lost his "bloom" over the years thanks to my extreme sleeping. My own sister wont sleep with me due to my tendency to snuggle. :) I love my Charlemange and still, as a lady of 3 and twenty, can't sleep well with out him.

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