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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The best kind of prize is a SU-prize!

SURPRISE!!! We got you Megan! HA! You had no idea! Megan's mom planned it all and told me I should come up with some bogus obligation to explain why I wasn't making plans to go out with megan the second she gets home. So Carrie (Trae and Corbyn's momma) posted on my wall asking me to babysit Saturday night, after thinking about it I worried it seemed to obvious because who gets babysitting jobs via Facebook? But she had no clue.
Even her sister Macy told her she had to babysit, oh Megan, clueless dear. :)
I am sooooo happy my Meg Meg is home for a bit, it's going to go by too fast but any length of time would be too short. It sounds odd but saying goodbye to Meg and Am isn't as sad as you would think.
Before you raise your astonished eyebrows, let me explain... we are so set in each other's lives that while we don't want to leave we know its only temporary so it doesn't hurt so bad. Its only natural that we will be together again, we just fit. They are my girls and I am soo blessed by them. God planned for us to be sisters and we recognize this friendship as such. Megan and I really formed the foundation for our friendship when we were accountability partners in the youth group and we felt grace. I love you Meg and I'm glad your texan for the next 2 weeks!

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  1. Where did you purchase the mold. I have looked and have not found one that will give me the hollow high heeled shoe. The only one I found is 60 dollars. tooooo much


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