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Monday, June 28, 2010

EmBOYdery by a Stepford Wife wannabe

As I mentioned in my last post, I don't do boy. Its so hard to come up with father's day cards and such, oh well!

You recall the truck I just finished for one little lad, and I hope to finish this Thomas tonight. I know a few boys who loooove Thomas so I plan to make a couple of him!

Mom frequently tells me the God is preparing me for little boys. I do very well with little boys, but I don't think my little boy will appreciate all the little girl things I have been planning in my head for decades now. I even have my little girls name picked (sorry future hubby): Verity Jane. You can't use it, it's mine and I have copyrights on it, so I will catch you. :) I have NO ideas for boy names. None, (future hubby can have full constitution with that one).

I am quite domestic at heart. When I get my own place (in 10,000 years) I will be Martha Jr. A few years ago she had a segment on her show about making your bed...I loved it! Went to L-n-T and bought the necessities for a properly made bed. Once I helped prep rooms at the Mercy Ships Guest House, I had soo much fun making the beds that I snuck back into the rooms that the manager cleaned and re-made the beds to look better. Tee hee.

Today I helped clean some of the Dorms up there and darling Jan H taught me the secrets of towel folding! How do you like it??? All the bathrooms in my afore mentioned residency will have lovely towel displays for my esteemed guests.

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