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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Babies, Berries and Bibles

Nothing too momentous has happened lately, which I am grateful for! Just pleasant summer days coming and going.
On Thursday and Fridays I babysit Trae and Corbyn...aww I know. Look at that smile! Corbyn is a well known mammas boy and has slowly grown warm to me. On last friday we had fun tumbling around on blankets and pillows (he has a good pile drive for a toddler), then when it was tim for me to go home, he actually toddled over to me at the door and held up his arms! His mamma was right there and he still wanted me! :) It melted my heart.

Trae is 4 and a sweet heart. They had some puppies dropped off on their property which Trae just loved. Sadly though they could not stay, and when their new owner came to pick them up, he stood there gravely for a minute watching me hand them over. And then his heart broke. Tears flowed. Noses sniffed.
But! Trae has Sam to ease the heart ache. Cuddly kitty that ever there was. Corbyn didn't like the jumpy licky puppies, but he thinks Sam is just the funniest thing. I love watching him laugh when he gets brave enough to touch Sam.

My favorite snack right now is fresh blueberries with strawberries mixed with about a table spoon of vanilla creamer. I know I know, coffee creamer, really Alicia? YES! Its just the same idea of real "berries and cream" and has the added bonus of being lactose free for those of us who have a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to milk. Yumm!

Currently reading Persuasion by none other than her royal Awesomeness Jane Austen. I know its unorthodox but it's my favorite, yes tis true, I like it better than Pride & Prejudice.

Not that I dislike P&P (lord no!), but Persuasion has themes that I can relate to more I guess. My favorite character is the sickly widow in Westgate Buildings Bath, Mrs. Smith. Yes, "one of the 5,000 Smiths that are everywhere to be met with" she has little to live on and is just fine with that because guess what she does... sells crafts! AHHH!!! Jane must have had me in mind. Her nurse taught her to crochet and so she makes little things to be sold in the market. I love it! Regency Indiepreneurs!

Speaking of craft, since all the 4 and 5 year old boys in Van are obsessed with BIG trucks and BIG trains, I have started some projects for a few of my boys at church. I am not good with making "manly" crafts. I can't-not make something girly. I don't know how to make something look good to a guy. So I'll do trains and trucks and see how they are received!

Today I promoted myself up in Sunday School. The college class is great but I am a bit older than the average college senior so I will be going to the Adult 1 class. Being the youngest in the room was refreshing! I think I will enjoy an "adult" church experience now that I'm getting on in years ;).

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