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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eclipse advanced viewing

HA HA! I got to see it before you! My pal works at a movie theatre and so I get ALL kinds of goodies like seeing movies before the public. Its awesome since I LOOOOVVVEEE movies. I'm even taking a Film Literature course this summer and I have learned alot. So I took my new knowledge of the cinema arts and my high standards for book-to-movie movies to the Hollywood Rose to see Edward, Bella and this one stupid jerk who gets more attention than he should-Jacob. I don't like him. Obviously.

Well, it starts with what happens to Reily and for you readers you will be impressed. It was done well, it actually looked like a big budget movie. But as for one of the meadow scenes you can see the green screen "green" shining in their hair. So that was lame because you know the meadow scenes are supposed to me happy times. :)

It stuck very close to the book which you would think would be easy right? You wouldn't need a script writer since all the dialogue and staging is, uh, CALLED THE BOOK! Its not that hard to copy paste! But I have been purposely putting some distance between me and the books so I could forget things and have it seem almost new again (what I wouldn't give to read it for the first time again!), anyway I remember the lines straight from the book and I haven't read them in over a year so thats good.

The acting is still damp. But not at all as HORRIBLE as the first one. (shudder) Very funny scenes with Charlie and Bella. But Edward needs to get that squinty eyed frown off his face. Rob is very very attractive in real life and as Cedric Diggory, but they have Edward looking so frumpy.

Oh! And can I just PLEASE laugh at how stickin' rediculous Jacob's introduction is! It's like they let an 11 year old pick out the pose and song. PAH-LEEEZZZ! I laughed in the theatre (which I hate other people doing, silence is golden).

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